Jan 5th 2018

When your new bowstring is perfect, you’ll want to keep it that way.Any manipulation of the string during installation and tuning should be done by a qualified technician.

Your 60X Custom Strings are stretched, twisted and manufactured with precise processes and tolerances for you to enjoy your archery without fear of anything moving. Even with these tight bowstring tolerances, you still need to take care when installing your peeps. Here are some tips to help you understand the process and keep your bowstrings and peep sights perfect.

The “peep tag” that we install represents the center of your bundle, and also can be used as a “locator” of where your peep should go. After your bowstring is installed, leave the peep out and the tag in for a few shots. Your bowstring was relaxed in the package and needs a few shots to get it back up to “working tension”. These few shots also allows the string to set around the bends and grooves of the system. During this time move the peep tag (while the bow is relaxed in a press) up/down to get the peep height close for you. You don’t want to put a peep in that’s already an inch too high or low. So after your get the tag close, now install your peep. Same thing when micro adjusting the peep height, only do it when the bowstring is relaxed in a press. Our materials are very strong, but they are synthetic and will last much longer if taken care of properly. Sliding peeps in a bowstring that isn’t relaxed may actually void warranties. Even if the peep is installed, leave the tag in for a little while until you get things set for you. The tag allows you to remove or change out peeps without losing the center of the bundle. Then when it’s set, you can take it out for good.

There are many ways to tie in peep sights, but I like to keep it simple for many reasons. The biggest reason is to experiment with different size peeps or even different anchor points/release aids that will require a change in peep height. If the peep is tied in with numerous knots and wraps it may take a while to undo. Something simple like #4 Nylon served in with 15 wraps top and bottom will sufficiently secure your peep. Make sure your top and bottom knots are equal distance to the peep or it may want to wiggle a little. The nylon burns slow like a candle wick, which helps in keeping the lighter flame away from the bowstring. Now shoot the bow a couple times and check your alignment.If any adjustment is needed to align it, just add half twist to the bottom loop until its pointed straight towards you or straight away (you can reverse the peep in the is case). Then you can now secure the center groove with surgeon knots and #4 nylon. You want your peeps secure, but they won’t require lots of knots and wraps. The materials under the knots may fray if heavy manipulation has been used to tie in a knot. So keep this mind when you or the technician is setting your peep. Take a few extra minutes to make sure it’s located and installed properly and your archery will be more enjoyable and your bowstrings will last much longer.