While bohning is no stranger to the archery world they sure changed things with the introduction of their blazer vanes a number of years ago.  A company that was once known for just making run of the mill fletchings has now grown into one of the more prominent archery accessory companies in the industry.  They now offer a full line of accessories include bow string waxes, adhesives, fletchings, nocks, fletching jigs and other specific tools to help archers shoot and maintain their equipment better.  60X is proud to be a master distributor with bohning so we can offer competitive pricing to dealers and retail customers world wide.   Contact us for inquires on bulk pricing or for more info on joining our dealer program you can visit our dealer application.

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  • Bohning Blazer 4 in Arrow Wrap
  • Bohning Blazer Double Lock Nock
  • Bohning Blazer Pin Nock
  • Bohning Blazer Tiger 4 in Arrow Wrap
  • Bohning Blazer Vanes

    Bohning Blazer Vanes

  • bohning broadhead wrench
  • bohning f nock

    Bohning F Nock

  • Bohning Ferr-L Tite CoolFlex Hot Melt Glue
  • Bohning Ferr-L Tite Hot Melt Glue
  • Bohning Flat Crossbow Nock
  • Bohning Half Moon Crossbow Nock
  • bohning helix tower fletching jig
  • Bohning Killer Vanes

    Bohning Killer Vanes

  • bohning pro class fletching jig

    Bohning Pro Class Fletching Jig

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • bohning pro class replacement clamp

    Bohning Pro Class Replacement Clamp

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Bohning Seal-Tite Bow String Wax
  • Bohning Serve-Tite Bow String Serving Tool
  • Bohning Signature Nock

    Bohning Signature Nock

  • Bohning Tex-tite Bow String Wax

    Bohning Tex-Tite Bow String Wax

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Bohning Tiger Blazer Vanes
  • bohning triple tower fletching jig
  • Bohning Xccelerator Bow String Wax
  • StripperShaftTrough__89009.1390566557.1280.1280

    The Stripper

    Rated 5.00 out of 5