Bow Strings And Compound String Provider Expands With Zenith Archery Products Acquisition

Friday, February 05, 2016 3:05 PM

60X Custom Strings LLC, a supplier of bow strings and compound strings in Cowansville, PA, is proud to announce that it has expanded with its purchase of Zenith Archery Products, which is based in New York. Through this acquisition, the company will be able to expand its offerings to include back tension release aids and the Bitzenburger Fletching tool upgrade kit. The announcement was originally made on the company’s Facebook page on

Zenith Archery Products is a New York based archery company, specializing in back tension releases and an upgrade kit for the popular bitzenburger fletching tool. Zenith was the first to offer a dual mode practice cam, working wrist strap on a back tension release, fully machined head, clicker, full line of ergonomically shaped handles, solid brass handles, training kit with video, spring loaded head, and positive adjustment locking system.

With regards to the acquisition, company president and owner Brad Patsy said: “We are super excited to acquire Zenith. As a growing company, we’re always looking for ways to expand our brand and offer more to our customers. Zenith allows us to do just that by offering the best back tension releases on the market.”

Brad Patsy is a three time world and five time national champion. He established 60X Custom Strings in 2010 and this gained in popularity because of its top quality custom bowstrings and responsive customer service. During the next few years it grew into one of the largest bow string companies in the country. Serving as a proof of the quality of its products, its customers have won 24 World and 127 National Championships as of the latest count.

Meanwhile, the company has also recently launched a YouTube video that highlights its various high quality products. The video can be viewed at


The 60X Custom Strings products have been very popular among bow hunting enthusiasts. “After following the recommendation of a hunting buddy that it was time to replace my strings, I ordered from 60X,” says Marlon D.U. “The strings actually came before they were scheduled to, the quality was as advertised, and upon installing the strings on my bow and shooting my bow there was zero peep rotation. So if you’re in for a new set of strings give 60X a call or visit their website at 60xcustomstrings.”

Those who are interested in getting more details about the acquisition are encouraged to contact 60X Custom Strings LLC through their website at