Custom Bowstrings

Custom-Made Bow Strings for All Bow Types

Custom Compound Bow Strings

Keep your archery in top form with new strings or a handy set of backups, always in your choice of colors. Choose from different bow string materials including Dacron and 452X.

Custom-made bow strings for compound bows by 60X Custom Strings in a magenta and silver color combo.

Custom Crossbow Strings

Get custom-made bow strings that fit your crossbow perfectly to keep you shooting at the top of your game, with plenty of color options to suit your style.

Pre-stretched custom-made bow crossbow strings by 60X Custom Strings, in a neon green and silver color combo.

Custom Longbow & Recurve Bow Strings

We also make strings for other bow types, from the humble longbow to the top-performing recurve. Find the strings you need, in the colors you want.

Custom made bow strings for longbows and recurve bows, in a color combo of magenta and red.


I’m not sure what kind of bow string I need. Help?

Our Bow String Guide has you covered!

What sets apart your custom-made bow strings from your ready-to-ship bow strings?

Our custom strings are made to order, which means you’ll have your choice of color combinations and will get a product that is fitted to your specific bow model’s needs.

Our ready-to-ship pre-stretched bow strings are already made and can ship as soon as we process your order. Currently, these are only available for crossbows and compound bows.

What custom colors do you have available?

We offer:

  • Your choice of 1 to 4 color combos, or a pinstripe setup
  • Nearly 60 material colors
  • Nearly 30 serving colors

See our Bow String Color Gallery.