Hoyt Bowstrings

Welcome to our Hoyt Bow Strings page.  Below you will find a list of bow strings for popular models of Hoyt Compound Bows.  It is very important to know your bowstring and cable length.  Most Hoyt models are made in several cam and limb options.  Many times this can lead to confusion since a particular model could have over 50 configurations and each has a different set of specs.  Most of the time this information can be found on the limb sticker on the bow’s lower limb.  If the specs are not listed there we can assist if you have the bow model, limb style, cam style and size.   Another tip is to double check your cable length if your Hoyt bow is a 2002 model year or older.  On these older bows with a soft yoke cable Hoyt would not include the 6″ yoke into the cable length.  In short, if your tag says 34″ cable then you really need a 40″.  If you do not see what you need please visit our custom strings page or contact us.

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