2023 Staff Shooter Application

Are you an archery junkie that wants to represent the top custom bow string company?  If the answer is yes, we have just the opportunity you are looking for. 


We are looking to team up with highly motivated individuals and groups who are very active in archery. This can range from the backyard archer who loves shooting local 3d’s with their buddies to a professional archery who travels the country or has their own show.  


*Be familiar enough with 60x string to actively promote and make recommendations 

*You must use and be passionate about 60x products

*Promote 60x in a genuine, non salesperson way

*Highly active on social media preferred but not mandatory  

*Be the voice, eyes and ears of 60x 

*Having fun is mandatory


*Generous personal discount 

*Rewards system to earn deeper discount and free products/swag 

*Discount code for friends, family and followers 

*Potential expose to our 300K followers

*New product testing

*Tiered Pro Staff levels based off activity & involvement 

*Ability to provide feedback and influence future products 

*Help team members grow through industry connections


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