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Our customers choose strings based on the make and model of their bow, their needs as a hunter or target shooter, and personal touches like color preference.

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Curious about industry trends, the development of new materials, and what these developments could mean for archers? Check out the 60X Custom Strings Blog to learn more about the sport of archery, the technology we use, and the archery lifestyle.

  • A History of Archery | Prehistoric Era
    Nov 24th 2019

    A History of Archery | Prehistoric Era

    At 60X Custom Strings, we want to be more than just your resource for bow equipment and accessories.

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  • Top Archery Health Benefits
    Nov 23rd 2019

    Top Archery Health Benefits

    Archery is a sport in which nearly anyone can participate. From young children to geriatric adults a

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  • Archery Accuracy Tips
    Nov 22nd 2019

    Archery Accuracy Tips

    At 60X, we’re always hearing customers ask how they can shoot better or how they can tighten their g

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  • Archery Practice & Tips for Beginners
    Nov 21st 2019

    Archery Practice & Tips for Beginners

    Whether you were inspired by Katniss Everdeen or Olympic medalist Brady Ellison, getting into archer

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