Custom Color Bowstrings

60X bowstrings are handmade in the USA and built using a proprietary process that has been perfected through years of experience. All 60X strings are measured at 100 pounds of tension and go through a 5 stage pre-stretch process. This means you can adjust less and shoot more because 60X strings settle faster than factory strings. This also means less creep and peep rotation throughout the life of the string.

At 60X, Custom mainly means you have a wide variety of colors to choose from. We offer 58 material colors and 30 serving colors, which means there are endless color combo options. You can personalize your bowstring with the color combo of your choice:

  • Single-color
  • 2-color
  • Pinstripe

Not sure what color combo to choose? Our Color Gallery and this blog post are great places to start.

Note: Custom Color strings leave our facility slower than any other option. In a hurry? Check out our Ready to Ship options.

You can order Custom Color Bowstrings for your Compound Bow, Crossbow, or Longbow/Recurve Bow.

custom-compound-w2.jpg             custom-crossbow-w2.jpg            custom-longbow-recurve-w2.jpg