Compound Bow Strings

60X Custom Strings is your one stop shop for all of your compound bow strings.  It doesn't matter if your bow is a top of the line Hoyt, Mathews, PSE or Bowtech or if you have something a little easier on your wallet like a Diamond or Mission.  A brand new flagship bow or a 20 year 'old faithful' we can build he perfect bowstring to get your bow performing like new again.  We have listings for single color, 2 color, 3 color, 4 color and pin stripe setups.  With almost 60 bowstring material colors and 30 serving colors to pick from you're bow is sure to stand out in the crowd.  You can choose everything from a full bowstring & cable set to a single string or cable if needed.  60X now offers the installation of both speed nocks and TPU's.  Each of these products will quiet the bow by dampening bowstring vibration while also increasing arrow speed.  With over 600 national and 150 world championships it's no wonder why 60X is the industry leader producing the best compound bow strings.  By combining a proprietary process and our state of the art production facility we are able to build the best bow strings in the industry that exceed customer expectations.  A full 1 year warranty against peep rotation, serving separation and bow string stretch is standard.  Did you know if your bowstrings are over 2 years old that you are losing performance?  Just like changing oil in your car, a little maintenance will keep your bow in tip top shape and shooting like new. 

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