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One of the most asked questions we get from customers is “What bow string do I need?” or “How do I find the correct bow string for my bow?” While our site does have many ways to order the same bow string, we feel that with the help of this bow string guide, we hope you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for.

Deciding on the perfect color combo for your bow string is exciting, but it can sometimes get confusing. We want to make choosing not only as simple as possible but fun too. Here are some blogs and guides for archers that will help you get started.


At 60X, we have many types of bow strings and various ways to order them

Need inspiration to choose colors for your bow string and cables? 

It’s fun to create color combos for your bow strings, but not all colors work well together

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Read our Bow String Blog for archery guides, tips, and tricks

To make sure your bow is performing right, here are other necessary supplies.

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Our Guide to Find Your Perfect Bow String

Step 1: Consider what style of bow you have. Do you have a compound bow, crossbow, or recurve/longbow?

Step 2A Compound: If you have a compound bow, now you have to figure out if you need a full set of bow strings and cables or just a single bow string or single cable. Here are some options for each.

Another option is to simply type in your bow make and model into our search bar. Just the make and model of the bow or bow string is sufficient enough to guide you; sometimes too many search words lead to less-than-desirable results.

Step 2B Crossbow: If you have a crossbow, now you have to figure out if you need a full set of crossbow strings and cables or just a single crossbow string or single crossbow cable. Here are some of our crossbow options.

Just like compounds, you can search the make and model of your crossbow, and we may have a specific listing just for that particular bow.

Step 2C Recurve/longbow: If you have one of these, you don’t have to worry about cables, but you do need to narrow down your options based on whether or not your bow is fast flight compatible. If your bow is not fast flight compatible, you would need to stick to the dacron material. If it is compatible, you could use any of the materials we offer in our bow string guide. Check out our Longbow and Recurve Bow Strings.


Curious about industry trends, the development of new materials, and what these developments could mean for archers? Check out the 60X Custom Strings Blog to learn more about the sport of archery, the technology we use, and the archery lifestyle.

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