Ready to Ship Bowstrings

Ready-to-Ship Pre-Stretched Bow Strings

60X bowstrings are handmade in the USA and built using a proprietary process that has been perfected through years of experience. All 60X strings are measured at 100 pounds of tension and go through a 5 stage pre-stretch process. This means you can adjust less and shoot more because 60X strings settle faster than factory strings. This also means less creep and peep rotation throughout the life of the string.

Our Ready to Ship line of bow strings are built in bulk daily. By doing this, we can keep an inventory for hundreds of bow makes and models in these 5 colors options:

  • Black
  • Black & Tan
  • Green & Tan
  • Flo Green & Black
  • Red & Black

All these options come with black serving. Ready to Ship strings leave our facility faster than any other option. You can order pre-stretched Ready to Ship strings for your Compound Bow and or Crossbow.

compound-w.jpg                                                   crossbow-w.jpg


What are the benefits of pre-stretched bow strings?

Pre-stretched strings are already broken in, so you can attach them to your bow and go shooting right away.

Our proprietary 5-step pre-stretching process also minimizes slackening over the lifetime of the string, making for a more consistent shooting experience. Pre-stretching also minimizes string degradation.

How do I choose the right bow string?

Have a look at our Bow String Guide, which should help you get started.

Any technical details I should know?

At 60X Custom Strings, we measure our bow strings at 100 pounds of tension, which is the industry standard.

Do you offer a warranty?

We offer a 1-Year Warranty on our pre-stretched 452X strings (both custom-order and pre-stretched bow strings). Of the rest, some products have a 30-day warranty, while others have no warranty.

For any questions about warranties or anything else, contact us at 724-525-3972 or online.