The Beginning of 60X Custom Strings

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While shooting local archery tournaments and bow hunting back in the mid-1990's, I was always frustrated when my fast flight bow string or cables would stretch and need to be retimed. It seemed that every time I got that bow set perfectly, I would have to put it back in the press and make an adjustment. Around that time some new 'no stretch' bow string materials, like S4 and 450, were coming to the market. Since I was already building my own arrows and doing all my own bow work, I decided I wanted to learn how to build bow strings.

I took my whole paycheck for two weeks, went to the local shop, and ordered up a bow string jig, serving tool, and bow string material. After a few quick lessons, I was building bow strings like a madman. All of my bows soon had some sort of flashy colors at a time when everything was solid black. As time went on, I would find myself up late at night after work with my jig set up in my bedroom or across my parent’s living room, twisting up a set of bow strings and cables for a friend, family member, or local archer that was in need of new threads. Over the next 10+ years, I would continue helping archers with bow strings as a little hobby while I traveled across the country shooting archery tournaments. I made several great friends along the way and even enjoyed some success shooting from time to time.

Fast forward to the winter of 2010, while on the way home from a local shoot with one of my good buddies, we started talking about bow strings and all of the 'internet' string makers that are on the forums. After mentioning that I had the thought to start building bow strings as a business in the back of my head, my buddy gave me encouragement to make the move. After about a week of thinking, I figured, “What the heck?” I took $1000 and bought as much material in the popular colors as I could.

Little did I know that this was the birth of 60X Custom Strings.

I decided to start advertising my services on the internet forums with hopes to sell 3-5 sets per week to help fund my archery habit. Within the first few weeks, I found myself flooded with orders and my basement was transformed into a bow string shop.

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