Service & Shipping

What is included in a set of strings?

The contents of a set vary depending on the bow type:

  • Single cam bow: string and cable
  • Dual or hybrid cam bows: string and two cables

Some bows such as the Mathews Monster line use 5-piece setups. As a result, these sets are more expensive.

What does ⅘ piece option mean?

Many of the new bows on the market today require extra yoke cables. These bows include Primes, Darton, Alpines and models from Mathews like Monsters, Chills, Halons, etc along with Hoyt models such as the RX-1.

What is a speed nock or TPU?

Speed nocks are the little weights on the ends of the bowstring. Most newer bows will have these while older bows may not. They are little brass weight covered in shrink wrap that will dampen noise and vibration while adding a little speed. The TPU is a rubber version of this. More information is available in our blog speed nocks & TPU’s

How can I find my string lengths?

You can find your bow’s string lengths on its limb sticker. If your bow doesn’t have a limb sticker, please be as descriptive as possible.

Do you offer dealer pricing?

Yes! Please visit our dealer page or contact us for more information.

When will my order ship?

Lead times can vary, depending on peak season. After processing your order, we’ll update your order status to pending. Your order will remain “pending” while we build your products in-house. When completed, we will ship your order and change its status to “shipped.”

Will your center serving match your end servings?

We try to match centers and end servings as closely as possible. However, color availability can vary depending on the material.

BCY Powergrip is only manufactured in: black, blue, flo green, tan, flo orange, flo pink, red, silver, and white. Occasionally, your end serving color may not be available for Powergrip or crossbow servings. In these cases, your center will default to black.

What does it mean when the system tells me “your email is already in use”?

This means that an account with that email address has already been created. If you’ve forgotten your password, click “forgotten password.” This will begin the password retrieval process.

Do you offer warranties?

Yes, on select products. You can view our warranty information here.


What will happen if a fluorescent or lighter serving is put on top of dark string material?

The dark material can bleed into the serving. This can cause color alteration and semi-translucent colors in some cases.

What strand count do I need for my dacron string?

Please refer to the following chart:

  • 12 Strand – 35 lb. – 45 lb.
  • 14 Strand – 45 lb. – 55 lb.
  • 16 Strand – 55 lb. – 75 lb.
  • 18 Strand – 75 lb. – 100 lb.