Crossbow Strings

Are you tired of spending your hard earned money on a top of the line crossbow only to have the strings or cables be subpar?  You’re not alone.  Each day we hear complaints like this.  Crossbow string from 60X Custom Strings are built using the best process and BCY materials available to ensure the best string for your crossbow.  We build strings and cables for just about every make and model crossbow including compound, teardrop and recurve models.  Some of our most popular brands are Barnett, Horton, Parker, Ten Point, Carbon Express, Stryker and Excalibur to name a few.   If you don’t see what you need or aren’t sure what you need be sure to Contact us so we can help supply the perfect crossbow string replacement.  Don’t miss that trophy of a lifetime because of a stretched out crossbow string or separated serving.  Visit our bowstring blog to read about the 1000 shot torture test that crossbow nation did to test out our strings.  With over 600 national and 150 world championships it's no wonder why 60X is the industry leader in crossbow strings.  By combining a proprietary process and our state of the art production facility we are able to build the best bow strings in the industry that exceed customer expectations.  While most string companies offer no warranty on crossbow strings we offer a full 30 day warranty against serving separation.

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