Recurve / Longbow

60X Custom Strings is quickly becoming well known for the quality our of longbow & recurve bow strings. By offering 10 bowstring materials from BCY and Brownell you are sure to find a new bow string that will get your longbow or recurve shooting like new again. At this time we only offer endless loop bowstrings and do not make flemish or ‘skinny’ bowstrings. If your longbow or recurve is not fast flight compatible we recommend using the dacron bowsring material. If your bow is fast flight compatible we recommend either BCY X, 8125G or Brownell Fury. These 3 bowstring materials are super popular with our customers and have proven to give the best performance and results with our longbow and recurve bow strings.  The strand count will vary as each material has a different diameter.
As a general rule of thumb the string length needed for a recurve will be 3″ shorter than AMO length. With that said the AMO standards aren’t always followed. If your bow does not have a string or you want to double check the measurement by measuring the bow unstrung. To do so measure from string groove to string groove in a straight line along the belly of the bow.

Bowstrings are measured at the industry standard of 100lbs of tension so please order accordingly. If measuring hand tight the bowstring will measure up to 1″ shorter depending on bow string material. Returns are not accepted on custom colors if incorrect length is ordered. Please Contact us with any questions prior to ordering.

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