60X Custom Strings Acquires Bow Strings Manufacturer In Ohio

December 28, 2015

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60X Custom Strings LLC of Cowansville, PA, is proud to announce that they have purchased Ohio-based ProLine Bowstrings LLC. 60X Custom Strings officials expect thisacquisition to improve customer confidence and widen the customer base for both companies. The acquisition will permit both 60X and ProLine to operate from the current Pennsylvania facility while still remaining separate entities. By sharing knowledge and technologies both companies will be able to offer unmatched quality and service on all their bow strings.

When asked about the acquisition company president, Brad Patsy, replied: “It will be great to have both companies under one roof. With the wealth of bowstring knowledge that both companies bring to the table we will be able to do great things in the bowstring industry. Proline is a great addition. We are super excited and plan to carry on the quality and service that has built Proline into what it is today.”

60X Custom Strings is owned by three-time world and five-time national champion Brad Patsy. Opened in 2010, 60X Custom Strings gained popularity from their top quality custom bow strings and stellar custom service. During the next few years they have grown to be one of the largest and best bow strings companies in the country. To date, 60X customers have won 24 world and 127 national championships.

ProLine BowStrings, meanwhile, is an Ohio-based custom bowstring manufacturer. It specializes in custom bowstring for compounds and crossbows. With industry innovations such as streak freaks and Pro X crossbow strings and other compound bow strings there’s no question that ProLine is a leader in the bowstring industry.

Through the new acquisition, those involved in archery and bow hunting, be that recreational, professional or for hunting, have a one stop shop that is focused on quality, professionalism and the highest possible levels of customer service. While the acquisition has only recently been completed, both companies are already seeing a marked improvement. They feel that their individual skills put together are creating a joined venture that is stronger than the sum of their parts. They are happy to see that their customers agree.