Black Eagle Executioner Crossbow Bolts

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Black Eagle Executioner Crossbow Bolt 18"

Black Eagle Executioner Bolts are available in 18", 20" or 22".  The 18" come fletched with 2" blazer vanes.  The 20" & 22" come fletched with 3" Bohning Vanes.  All are a .001" straightness. Choice of 1/2 Moon or Flat nocks, the nocks are pressed fit, not glued.  This “killer” carbon crossbow arrow is designed for superior performance, bringing you speed, kinetic energy, and accuracy. The overall weight of the arrow includes a brass insert for optimal F.O.C. which maximizes accuracy, increases kinetic energy, and minimizes the loss of downrange speed. This is the best crossbow arrow on the planet. Points aren't included. 


These bolts come with Executioner Brass Inserts

  • 18" 92 Grains, ID .300", OD .346", GPI 9.0
  • 20" 110 Grains, ID .300", OD .346", GPI 9.0
  • 22" 92 Grains, ID .300", OD .346", GPI 9.0