Compound Bow Shooting Tips for Beginners

Compound Bow Shooting Tips for Beginners

Posted by Todd Lambright on Jun 11th 2019

Even the best archers started somewhere. If you’re just starting your archery journey, some basic compound bow shooting tips for beginners will go a long way in helping you to enjoy your new hobby. While shooting with experienced archers is the best way to improve, that’s not always a possibility. Follow these tips from the expert Staff Shooters at 60X Custom Strings and watch as your skills improve.

Work on Your Stance

Before you even notch an arrow, you need to get a basic archer’s stance down. Over time, you’re probably going to end up adjusting your stance as you get more comfortable with shooting. Once you find a stance that you’re comfortable with, you want to find this position every single time you pick up your bow.

Of all compound bow shooting tips we have for you, this one is the most important, so don’t skip it. If you’re shooting at an actual range, there should be a line that runs parallel to the target. You can use this shooting line as a guide for your stance. For ranges that don’t have a shooting line, create your own with a stick, rope, or chalk.

To find your stance follow these directions:

  • Relax your whole body
  • Right-handed shooters, put your left foot in front of the line. Left-handers, use your right foot.
  • Keep your feet about shoulder-width apart
  • Stand sideways so your feet are parallel to the line
  • Keep your posture straight and rotate your head directly over your forward-facing shoulder
  • Press your shoulders down and keep your lower back flat

Find Your Anchor Point

compound bow anchor demonstration

Your anchor point is where your draw hand rests when you’re about to let the arrow fly. Most archer’s anchor their draw hand near their cheek or jaw. If you don’t have a consistent anchor point, choose one that you will use every time because consistency here is the key to great aim.

You should find that exact same anchor point every time you shoot. Our bow shooting tips encourage you to experiment with different positions until you find an anchor spot that feels right.

Hold the String with Two Fingers

As you load the arrow onto your bow and draw the string back, you should use either two or three fingers. When it’s time to release the arrow, you should have your pointer finger above the arrow and your middle finger below it. Don’t touch the arrow with your fingers to stabilize it, as you could injure yourself on the release or compromise the flight of the arrow.

When you release the string, a bow shooting tip we recommend that you try is relaxing your fingers and letting both go at the same time. Any tension in your fingers will affect the string and change the direction of the arrow’s flight.

Don’t Wait Too Long to Shoot

As a general rule, many experts recommend shooting the arrow within seven seconds after pulling it back. That way, you stay focused on shooting. After seven seconds you may become distracted by your surroundings, or start overthinking your shot.

You should never take a shot if you’re not confident, so always make sure you’re mentally prepared before you notch an arrow. Don’t forget to make sure that the coast is 100% clear before you even think about shooting.

Use Quality Equipment

One of the most overlooked compound bow shooting tips for beginners is that bad gear leads to bad shooting. If you really want to get into archery and stick with it, investing in quality gear is worth it.

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to upgrade your bow is to use custom strings from 60X. We offer both single bowstring and cables as well as sets for your convenience. You should change your strings and cables every year or so, but upgrading your stock strings right out of the box is a great way to squeeze the most performance from your bow. Boost accuracy, stability, and arrow speed with the world’s best bowstrings and cables.

Shooting with Experts

Everyone has their own compound bow shooting tips, so it’s wise to learn from as many experienced archers as possible. After all, everyone has their own unique style when it comes to shooting. These tips will get you started, but it’s a good idea to watch other archers and see how they’ve fine-tuned their approach.

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