Indoor Archery: How it Absolutely Benefits Bowhunters

Indoor Archery: How it Absolutely Benefits Bowhunters

Aug 7th 2020

Whether you’re new to hunting or have spent seasons using your bow, you need to consider shooting indoors. Even if you get out and shoot 2D or 3D during the offseason, practicing at an indoor bow range will benefit you in ways your  normal type of practice won’t. Here’s why.

close up of arrows in center of bullseye

Hone Your Precision

When bowhunting, you can likely hit the heart/lung vitals on your deer target with accuracy. Most hunters think that’s good enough because it gets the job done, doesn’t it? The answer is yes, but what if you could hit an even smaller target with  greater accuracy?

With indoor archery, your target is small. Aiming at an area the size of a 50-cent piece and consistently grouping your shots is way more precise than doing the same in an area the size of a coffee can lid. Aiming at a spot this small forces you to keep your bow steadier and your groupings tighter. This translates to drastically improved accuracy in the field.

The key is to mix this practice with your 3D shots, because deer won’t have targets on them. Don’t get too comfortable aiming for a dot that won’t exist in the wild.

Up Your Mental Game

Archery is as much a mental sport, if not more so than a physical one. Indoor archery helps you dial in your focus because you have to concentrate even harder to hit the tiny bullseye. Deepening your connection to  your bow, finding that intense focus, will help you avoid the dreaded buck fever when you go hunting for real.

Plus, having a controlled environment means you can really zero in on your shots. You can play the shot in your mind, let your arrow fly, and mentally replay it again. How did it feel? Where did you twitch? Without environmental distractions, your focus on exactly where your arrow went and why is greatly increased.

Focus on Your Form

rear view of woman aiming arrow at indoor range

Similar to your mental practice, indoor archery helps improve your form. Without wind, other animals, or excessive noise to distract you, you can find the potential flaws in your form and fix them. If you’ve ever wondered how you missed a deer or fired a shot you were sure was clean and turned out not to be so, it might be your form.

In addition to minimized distractions, an indoor bow range also gives you direct access to professional archers who can spot issues with your form that you can’t. If you’ve never worked with an archery coach, spending even a session or two with one can work wonders to strengthen your form and your skills.

Try Indoor Archery for Your Next Practice Session

To boost your muscle memory, get extended practice during the off-season, and truly improve your craft, consider an indoor bow range the next time you go shooting.

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