When to Consider a Compound Bow String Replacement

When to Consider a Compound Bow String Replacement

Posted by Brad Patsy on Jan 5th 2018

Needing a compound bow string replacement depends on:

  • How often you shoot 
  • Your shooting environment
  • How your bow is stored and maintained

These factors all play a big part in how long your bow string and cables will last. This article will help you understand when it’s time to replace compound bow string and cables.

As a bow string manufacturer, the two most-asked questions we get are: 

  • “How often do my bow string and cables need to be replaced?” 
  • “How do I know when it’s time for a compound bow string replacement?” 

Shooting Environment & Shooting Frequency

In general, at 60X, we (as well as most bow companies) recommend that you change your bow string and cables:

  • Once a year on target bows
  • Every two years on hunting bows

The main difference here is that target bows usually see more shooting than a comparable hunting bow. A lot of target bows will also be shooting lighter target arrows that exert more force on the bowstring and cables, compared to a heavier hunting arrow.

Bow Storage & Maintenance

In addition to shooting environment and shooting frequency, bow storage and maintenance will affect the lifespan of your bow string and cables, altering the intervals for a compound bow string replacement. Every day your bow string and cables are under extreme tension - even if no shots are being fired. Over time, this constant tension will break down the bow string material causing it to stretch, fray and wear out.

man in black to aim the archery target

Every year we hear the same stories from our customers. “My bow string is only 5 years old and I haven’t shot it much, but when I opened my bow case this season it was broke.” I like to compare replacing compound bow string and cables to changing the oil in your car. You change your oil every 3,000 miles in order to keep your car running better and lasting longer. Since you’ve invested hundreds of, if not over a thousand, dollars in your bow setup, why not spend $100 on a compound bow string replacement every couple of years to keep it at top performance and lasting longer?

Restringing your bows on time is just one piece of the puzzle. Feel free to ask any questions regarding strings for different bow brands, cable sets or accessories. At 60X Custom Strings, our experienced staff is always available to help you step up your performance.

Stay Tuned for More

Stay tuned for future archery articles that can help you understand exactly how to unlock the full potential of your bows. Next week I will cover in depth  the warning signs that’ll let you know when it’s time to replace compound bow string and cables.

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