A set of Hoyt bow string & cables from 60X will get your compound bow shooting like new again.  60X Custom Strings uses the best BCY bowstring and serving materials to ensure you get the best bowstrings available.  Be sure that the make, model, bowstring and cable lengths all match exactly your Hoyt compound bow specs.  If you don’t see what you need or have any questions it is best to Contact us to be certain your order is placed correctly and you receive the perfect bow string and cable set.  For custom colors visit our custom compound bowstrings page.  You can choose from our ready to ship lineup or our custom sets if you prefer more color in your setup and wait time isn’t an issue.  The roller guard and string stop areas will be served if your bow is equipped with either of these directly from Hoyt.  As always our any hoyt bow string set will include free first class domestic shipping.
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