Bowjax Slip Jax Bow String Dampener & Silencer

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New and Improved Bowjax Slip jax Bow String Dampener & Silencer

Bow String dampeners are finally keeping up with advancements in compound bow design. Why settle for a bow string dampener that wasn’t designed to last as long as possible on your super fast compound bow? Bowjax research and development has tackled this problem head on and has improved the Slipjax bow string dampener. It’s 8 grains lighter than the previous version. It weighs much less than the nearest competition. Lighter, stronger, and designed to keep up with your fastest bows, Bowjax listens to your archery needs with the new Slipjax bow string dampeners. The bowjax slip jax come in black, red, blue, pink, olive, brown, purple, orange, and neon green. These weigh 19 grains each.  A bow press will be needed for installation as these install in between the strands of the bowstring.

Additional information

Weight1 oz
Dimensions2 x 3 in

Blue, Brown, Flo Green, OD, Orange, Pink, Purple


2 Pack, 4 Pack

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    These string leeches might be small but they definitely get the job done. Hardly any noise at all comes from my Darton directly from the dealer but now this thing is in stealth mode! Poor deer never knew what happened.

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