Compound Bowstrings

All 60X Custom Strings are handmade in the USA and built using a proprietary process that has been perfected through years of experience. All 60X strings are measured at 100 pounds of tension and go through a 5 stage stretch process. This means you can adjust less and shoot more because 60X strings settle faster than factory strings. This also means less creep and rotation throughout the life of the string.

Ready to Ship Compound Bowstrings

Our Ready to Ship Compound Bow Strings and Cables are ready to use right out of the box—no break-in period required. Choose from 5 different color options and get the fastest turn-around time with Ready to Ship Compound Bowstrings.



Custom Compound Bowstrings

Add your own personal touch to your bow by customizing it with 60X Custom Compound Bowstrings. When you choose custom compound bowstrings, you get to create the bowstring color combo of your choice. This also means longer turn-around time.