16" Crossbow String Replacement

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60X Crossbow String Replacement

Replace your worn out 16" crossbow string with the best from 60X Custom Strings. These strings are pre-twisted to the correct length so no added twists are necessary.

We can make a replacement string for any make and model. On the off chance that we do not have specs for a particular crossbow, just provide us with the string length, strand count, string material, and serving lengths in order to duplicate the string you have.

Check out our crossbow string and cable listing if you need the full set of string and cable. As always, this pistol crossbow string replacement includes free shipping for first-class domestic orders.  Please be sure the specs are correct since these are custom made with no returns.

The Features

    • 3D bow string serving
    • 30 available bow string colors
    • 30 available serving colors
    • Braided crossbow center serving (black in color)
    • Fully served end loops
    • Pre-stretched
    • Constructed of BCY bow string material

Made for Champions

With over 600 national and 150 world championships, it's no wonder that 60X Custom Bow Strings is the industry leader in crossbow strings. By combining a proprietary process and our state-of-the-art production facility, we are able to build the best crossbow strings in the industry that consistently exceed customer expectations.

While most string companies offer no warranty on a crossbow string, we offer a full 30-day warranty against serving separation.