Mar 9th 2018

As a manufacturer of custom bow strings we are always being asked what the benefits are of a good set of a custom bowstring and cables. Will my bow shoot faster with custom bowstrings? Will my bow shoot better with custom bowstrings? Are custom bow strings just for the cool colors? What’s the difference between factory a bow string and custom bowstrings? These are all questions that our customers ask about our custom bowstrings.

The Benefits of a Custom Bow String

The best custom bowstrings will go through a specialized build process. It seems that every custom bow string builder has their own process that they have perfected through years of experience. Part of this process is the pre-stretching of the bow string. This is where the bow string is stretched under several hundred pounds of tension. By doing this it will eliminate peep rotation and creep on your bow string. If you’ve ever gotten a new bow and had it all setup and shooting X’s but found that the next day your peep was crooked in your bow string or your cams were out of time then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Most new bows will require several hundred shots before the bow string is fully settled. The best custom bow strings will be settled in less than 10 shots. That comparison alone should be an eye opener on the difference between bow strings.

Another benefit of custom bowstrings is the stability and consistency you gain. Once again this goes back to the stretching and build process of the best custom bowstrings. With all the stretch eliminated from the bow strings you will not have to keep retiming your bow or make adjustments. Often times we will see questions on internet forums about a 70lb bow that is now only drawing 64lbs and it always leads back to stretched out bow string and cables that have gotten the bow out of spec.

Custom strings will use the best bow string materials available and not cheaper substitutes. Through experience custom bowstring builders learn what materials work best for each application. Something as simple as using a halo serving on the buss cable can make a huge difference. Being able to custom make each order and tweak bow string specs as needed can create a huge performance benefit. While there is no guarantee of a performance gain you will find that many times your bow will gain a few feet per second with a good set of custom bow strings. The most we have personally seen was a 13 foot per second gain with 2-5 fps being pretty normal.

Last but not least are all the cool custom bowstring colors that are available. Who doesn’t like the option of being able to customize their new pride and joy. With all the other colored archery accessories why not put a little color into your bow strings? Being able to do things like clear serving, pin stripes or 3&4 colors can actually make the color choosing process very tough. One thing for sure is that no matter what bow string color you choose you will be making for a very nice upgrade to your bow that is sure to save you time and aggravation down the road. Sign up for our newsletter for more helpful tips and articles.