Mar 10th 2018

As our spring turkey season gets closer here in Pennsylvania and I started to gather all of my bow hunting accessories and it made me wonder how different my pack was compared to other turkey bow hunters. Then I thought to myself if I could only take 5 bow hunting accessories with me what would they be. There is no doubt that my top 5 turkey bow hunting accessories will differ from deer hunting but I figured it would be fun to put together a list.

#1 is a no-brainer. This would be a good ground blind. In the years since my youth the ground blind has become the single most important of the turkey bow hunting accessories. Using a ground blind greatly increases your odds of harvesting a turkey with your bow. Being able to stay concealed while drawing your bow is a major advantage pushing the odds in your favor.

#2 is my rangefinder. A good rangefinder will quickly let you know exactly what pin to use when it’s crunch time on that strutting Tom. It can be very challenging to judge yardage accurately, when sitting in a ground blind; even for the most experienced archers. Every year rangefinders get smaller, lighter and faster putting them on top of the list of must have bow hunting accessories.

#3 is a bow string loop. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to use a metal loop or a traditional D loop as long as you use some type of bow string loop. The last thing you want to be doing is fumbling around trying to get your release hooked onto your bow string when that big Tom is closing the distance. By having a bow string loop you can hookup fast and be ready for the shot when it presents itself.

#4 are bow string silencers. The last thing you want to do is spook the bird when it’s time to take the shot. By utilizing good bow string silencers you can rest assured that old long beard won’t know what hit him when you let that arrow fly.

#5 is a broadhead. Ideally you want a broadhead that has a much larger cutting area compared to a broadhead you would use for deer hunting. With the smaller vital area of a turkey you need a larger cutting diameter to aid in getting a vital shot. Penetration isn’t as big of a deal compared to deer hunting.

#6 is a good mouth call.In my opinion every turkey bowhunter should learn to be proficient with a mouth call. The reason is simple, it does not require any hands to work; which leaves them free for holding your bow, nocked & loaded with your release hooked up. The mouth call can also be used at full draw, to get that Tom into the perfect position for you to make the shot.

I hope this list has helped shed some light on some bow hunting accessories that will help aid you in taking a long beard this spring with your archery equipment. By planning ahead and using the proper turkey bow hunting accessories you can increase you odds of having a successful hunt.