Mar 9th 2018

COWANSVILLE, PA – 60X Custom Bow Strings is excited to announce a recent expansion at their Cowansville, Pennsylvania manufacturing facility. To keep up with customer demand a pair of finishing stations and a layup machine needed to be added. The addition of 2 2500 RPM serving machines and 16 air controlled pneumatic stretchers from Specialty Archery will allow for a quicker turnaround time while maintaining the quality and attention to detail that 60X is so well known for.

“Any time you need to expand its proof that you are doing something right” says company president Brad Patsy. Patsy continues with “In today’s world no one wants to wait and it always bothers me anytime we lose business because we can get the bowstrings built soon enough for the customer. Adding the extra stations will greatly reduce our turnaround time and better serve our retail, wholesale and OEM customers.” 60X officials are also happy to report that up to 6 more jobs will be created for the local community as a direct result of the new equipment.

60x Custom Strings grew from a small basement facility into the 3400 square foot facility it is today over a period of 4 years, following the personal journey of Brad Patsy, company founder. Loyal customers of the brand have stated in website comments and reviews, their appreciation of being able to buy from a fellow archer. Brad’s love of the sport is said to shine through in service and products. One happy customer wrote, “I prefer buying from companies run by archers, they tend to have other archers’ interests at heart.”

For more information on 60x Custom Strings, their recent expansion, and the launch of the tool for designing custom bowstrings, the company invites potential customers to visit them at their new website today!