Mar 9th 2018

Have you been thinking about new Crossbow strings? Well, recently we got this awesome write-up from some friends over at Crossbow Nation and we wanted to share it with all of our loyal followers here at 60X!

By Urban Legend on 3/13/2016

60X Custom Strings Crossbow

60X Custom Strings is a well know manufacturer of custom bowstrings. Their record of producing top preforming bowstrings has been proven time and time again, not only by the accomplished career of its owner, Brad Patsy, but also by the countless victories produced by the 60X Custom Strings prostaff. The credentials of 60X however, I knew nothing about until I was contacted by Brad over a year ago inquiring about possibly running an ad on the Crossbow Nation website to promote their line of crossbow strings. So I sent him my media kit and then immediately went to the 60X Custom Strings website to see what this company was all about. Like I mentioned earlier, it didn’t take me long to see that from a vertical bow side of things, they were producing a top notch product at very good prices. But what did they know about crossbows, and how well would a 60X crossbow string hold up? Building a good string for a vertical bow is one thing, but a crossbow is a totally different animal. Higher draw weights, a rail that rubs the string the entire length of the power stroke, rope cocking hooks that get pinched between the rail of the crossbow and the string which are notorious for separating the center serving, these were all concerns I had when it came to 60X building a custom crossbow string. So the only way to find out was to have them send me one and shoot it myself to test out.

The question now was what crossbow did I want to use to do the test? I wanted to choose a crossbow that had a high draw weight so the string would really have to be tested. I also wanted to choose a crossbow that had a long power stroke, reason being, the center serving would have to ride the rail longer which would promote more wear. I also wanted a narrow axle to axle measurement on this crossbow so that the angle of the string in relation to the rail of the crossbow would be more acute, which would put more demand on the center serving in relation to it separating, especially as a result of the rope cocking hooks getting pinched between the steep angle of the string and the rail of the crossbow. So my choice for this test………

– See more at: https://www.crossbownation.com/60x-crossbow-string-review-1000-shots/ 

Yes, they really did put it to the test – and the results were outstanding!

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