60X Custom Strings Now Installs Speed Nocks and TPU’s

60X Custom Strings Now Installs Speed Nocks and TPU’s

Posted by Todd Lambright on May 1st 2018

As some of you already know we started offering our custom bow strings with speed-noks or TPU’s installed.There has been an increasing demand for this option to be available on our bowstrings for some time now, so we made it happen.Now you can achieve maximum performance with our strings straight out of the package.Obviously there is an upcharge for this option, but it’s done professionally resulting in a very clean look and exact placement for the best performance.This eliminates the need for you or your archery shop to waste time installing them during the bow string swap.

Speed Nocks - Most commonly a group of brass “nock” or “Nok-Sets” crimped onto a bowstring to in specific locations to achieve better performance.There are many different styles of speed nocks these days but they all have the same objective.That objective is adding weight on the bowstring in specific area’s to create the perfect reaction of the string once the bow is fired.From testing we have done in the past we have seen an increase of up to 14fps with the installation of speed nocks.On the other hand we have tested bows that did not see any benefit to speed nocks being installed.The other benefit we have seen is certain bows will not paper tune correctly without the installation of speed nocks, (this is a very small percentage of bow)

TPU’s - An alternative to speed nocks that are made of a durable rubber.They do the same thing as traditional speed nocks but thread onto the string instead of being crimped on.The plus side of the TPU is that with it’s rubber construction they also have string dampening and silencing properties.The down side is they weigh more then a speed nock.This means they are not quite as customizable when it comes to putting an exact amount of weight in a certain spot on the bowstring.This is only a small issue on a very low percentage of bows.

Do today’s bows need speed nocks to shoot well?The answer is no, but in most cases they will increase performance.We are proud to be able to offer this as an option to our growing customer base.As always we are available to answer any questions you have about speed nocks, TPU’s or any other bowstring related issue.

Thank you for your continued support!