60X Pro-Staff Spotlight: Pam Hockman

60X Pro-Staff Spotlight: Pam Hockman

May 15th 2018

This month we will be learning what has made Pam Hockman the archer she is today.

Pam has worn many hats over the years; from wife to mom to coach to Pro Archer.A proud mother of 2 girls and wife of 34 years.Pam’s husband Rob got her hooked-on archery, by taking her to local 3D’s.Competing on and off for the last 16 years, Pam & Rob enjoy traveling to new places, spending time together and meeting other archers. The last 10 years she’s been competing at the national level with 5 of those years being in the Women’s Pro Class.

While Pam considers herself an outdoor shooter, she also competes indoors.Attending shoots like The Lancaster Classic, Vegas Shoot, IBO, ASA and OPA.Pam started in the Female Bowhunter Open Class taking 2nd place in the IBO National Triple Crown for 4 consecutive years.She was the FBO National, State & Indoor World Champion.Deciding to attend the ASA tour in 2013, Pam won ASA Shooter of the Year in the Women’s Open A Class.Pam has made 4 ASA Shoot downs & 2 podium finishes; since stepping into the Women’s Pro Class.When asked what her favorite 3D target was, she said the Medium Deer because that is the target she started her archery journey on.With every favorite, come a least favorite; in Pam’s case it is the Black Panther because she has trouble judging it & usually under judges it.

Favorite competitor?

I can’t pick just one.  I have the upmost respect for the Women’s Pro shooters who have been competing for a long time.

The men shooting in the Pro class get a second chance when they turn 50, being able to move to the Senior Pro Class.They get the opportunity to compete against shooters their age & dominate that class.The women only have the Pro Class and that class ranges in age from teens to sixties, making it difficult for the older shooters to stay on top.With that being said, the older shooters continue to prove that they can still compete and be very successful!

Funniest travel storie?

While traveling to an ASA, which are very long distances for us, we were pulled over for speeding. The officer approached our vehicle and started out stating he knew we had something to do with archery being I had an arcHER decal on the back and our license plate is HOYT-3D. We explained we were archers driving to a tournament and we were extremely sorry for speeding. He was very nice and told us he was going to give us a warning, but we had to do something in return. He told us to look ahead and see that underpass on up the road. He said “When you go by that underpass, honk and wave. There is a trooper there on the other side and he shoots a Mathews!” He laughed and let us go with a warning.

Best place to eat when traveling?

Rob and I never eat out, only when traveling and competing at archery tournaments. So anywhere is a treat, but we usually go to a Steakhouse and get a delicious meal.

Who has the best nickname in archery?

Jesse Broadwater aka “The Freak Show”

Favorite archery moment of all time?

My 2nd year Pro at the Fort Benning ASA Shoot down. I went into the shoot down in 3rd place and was able to hit back to back twelves on my last 2 targets putting me in a 1st place tie with Kailey Johnston. We went on to shoot the longest shoot down in the history of the ASA. We shot 10 targets to determine the winner. On the 10th target, I was up first, and it was decided that closet to the center of the lower 12 on would be crowned the champion. I hit the twelve, but Kailey’s arrow was 1/8” closer giving her the win.

Favorite sport other than archery?

I enjoy any sport but grew up playing basketball and golf.

Favorite sports team?

Pittsburgh Steelers and Penguins

Clarion Bobcats

Immaculate Conception Hawks

Greatest accomplishment?

My children, hands down!

In archery, making an ASA shoot down my rookie year as pro.

Most annoying thing about you?

Where do I start! Lol Being too hard on myself and not having enough patience.

Last Person who made you nervous?

I don’t think people make me as nervous as situations do. Any situation involving me in a large group or crowd makes me nervous.

Childhood hero?

My Grandma. I thought she was the best!

Hidden talent?

My cleaning skills!

Favorite music?

All types

Proudest moment?

Watching my girls grow up and succeeding in life!

Favorite non-swear word?

I’ve been told I say “come on!” a lot

Who would you play in a movie?

The “Hero” of course!

How many tattoos do you have?

None, but I would do the Olympic rings if I were to ever be lucky enough to compete! (I can still dream)

Any superstitions?

Saying things out loud before they happen. Jinx

Words to live by?

Actions speak louder than words

Favorite tournament venue?

Fort Benning, GA

This venue gave me an up-close look at a United States military base and the amazing soldiers at work. I love watching, learning and getting the opportunity to say thank you!

Also, this is my favorite tournament to shoot. I’ve had good luck at this venue.

Advice for someone just getting started in archery?

Find someone knowledgeable in bows and archery in general to learn from. Surround yourself with the best shooters to shoot with. Watch, listen and learn!

Current equipment choices?

60X Custom Bow Strings






Brians Custom Lens