Advantages of Archery | Mental Benefits | 60X Custom Strings

Advantages of Archery | Mental Benefits | 60X Custom Strings

Posted by Candice Caesar on Mar 15th 2024

If you’ve ever picked up a bow, you’re familiar with the mental benefits of archery—on a surface level, at the very least. Simply put, shooting a bow is a lot of fun! The great thing about this sport is that the more you do it, the more powerful those benefits become. You’re not just having a good time—you start learning valuable lessons that can be applied to all aspects of your life.

Why bother with archery? Is it to hit a bullseye? That’s not always easy. It takes lots of time and loads of practice. That mandatory level of commitment and dedication to continue progressing may seem tough, but it’s one of the major advantages of archery once you embrace the challenge. 

Archery is a precision sport. Why spend time and energy learning to hit the center more frequently? What’s the point in hitting the X at all?

If I had dedicated as much time and effort to anything other than archery, I’d be rich! I’d definitely have more to show for it than a house full of archery equipment, medals, and trophies. 

Yet, I‘ve just walked in from outside after spending two hours in 90° weather at the outdoor range working on my “form” so I can consistently hit that X in the center of a gold circle. To me, this kind of work has become one of the advantages of archery, but to an outsider, it can look like a curse.

Am I crazy? Possibly—I have had brain trauma! Let’s take a good look at some of the mental benefits of archery that drive me and a few others like myself to continuously pick up our bows.

Focusing on the Present Moment

Whether I choose to excel in the sport, achieve some goals, or use archery as a form of meditation, there’s something to be said about setting your undivided attention on the present moment. Being in the moment is huge. Learning how to achieve unbroken clarity, tune everything else out, and simply exist in the present is one of the advantages of archery that takes time and repetition, but is worth every second.

Sometimes we choose activities for the sole purpose of developing skills; other times we choose an activity to shift our focus away from tribulations. Archery was there for me as I became a caretaker for two elderly cancer patients—my mother and her baby sister, my aunt. That escape developed into a more goal-oriented pastime. Now, it appears to be my livelihood. It’s almost as important to me as my faith. 

If you want to develop your ability to improve mental focus, you couldn’t have picked a better sport. One of the advantages of archery is that it’s similar to medication because they both require stillness. Archery provides me with an opportunity to practice being nonjudgmental. When my shot breaks and my arrow doesn’t hit the center because I haven’t done something correctly, my emotions rise. I may say a few choice words, but I take note of my emotional state and forgive myself (or my equipment), return to the present, and shoot another shot. 

As far as the mental benefits of archery, finding that peace of mind isn’t guaranteed. It’s not always easy to silence the chatter in your head when you aren’t shooting as well as you expect. But the moment you relax and stop trying as hard, the intangible advantages of archery start to manifest physically. That next shot breaks and it’s all that you had hoped for and more. The more I practice and stay in the moment, the more this happens. And, it’s not just about shooting better. This ability to silence my thoughts and simply become present helps me in my everyday life to be a better listener to myself and others.

Achieving a Sense of Self-Actualization 

A few of my friends shoot because they love to compete; a few others simply enjoy the pure relaxation. Some shoot out of necessity because they’re hungry or because they enjoy the thrill of hunting. The advantages of archery come in many forms. 

For me, the moment I picked up the bow, I began to learn about myself. It was truly fascinating to discover things that I never could have imagined. Never in a million years would I have ever thought that after shooting a compound bow, I would end up switching to a recurve—a bow without let-off.

I’m the type of person who thrives when faced with a challenge. Recurve archery is more challenging to me, and I’m drawn to it like a moth to a flame. The mental benefits of archery with a recurve are so powerful. To me, the advantages of archery are amplified when I pick up my recurve.

As I’ve become more focused on my form, I‘ve noticed how I think about things and how I feel. These are things I never would think about in everyday life activities, because I was too busy reacting to all of the incoming stimuli. The beauty of archery is that once you pick up a bow and stick with it for a while, you have an opportunity to discover things about yourself that you never realized before.

Developing Practical Skills

Whether you’re an adult or a child, when you attend an archery competition, your attention skills are being mastered throughout the event, but that’s just the start. One of the advantages of archery is that you don’t need to have a bow in hand to experience them! 

For example, at an archery competition, you have to be able to do simple calculations for scoring, boosting your math skills. They require you to learn etiquette on and off the line, so you’re also learning socially acceptable and respectful behaviors. 

Additionally, archery, while done in a group forum, is an individual sport that teaches independence. Although I’m standing on the line next to you, I’m truly shooting alone, albeit next to another person.

Attending events in the archery community will help you or your child to grow as an archer and as a person. I encourage you to discover the advantages of archery, whether you’re participating or spectating.

Enjoying a Positive Experience 

The mental benefits of archery and having a good time aren’t mutually exclusive by any means. Ultimately, the most obvious reason to become an archer is because it’s so much fun! There are many physical, social, and psychological benefits associated with enjoying yourself. Having fun reduces your stress levels, improves your sleep, helps you to think more clearly, increases your energy levels, and the list goes on. 

Join the Archery Community

If you’ve ever wondered why people stick with archery for life, now you know. The next step is to pick up a bow, nock an arrow on your bow string, let it fly, and experience the advantages of archery first-hand. 

The team here at 60X Custom Bow Strings will be here to support you throughout every step of your archery journey, whether you need custom bow strings, archery supplies, or some shooting tips

It doesn’t matter if you choose a compound bow, crossbow, recurve bow, or all three. Whatever your preferred equipment looks like, you can look forward to a lifetime of growth, accomplishment, and a vast range of mental benefits of archery that are both universal and personal to you and you alone. Don’t wait to begin the next chapter of your life. The advantages of archery are waiting for you to discover. Get your bow, and make every shot count.