Archery Gear that Enhances Performance

Archery Gear that Enhances Performance

Posted by Todd Lambright on Jan 6th 2020

Improving performance and aim is something that every archer strives to achieve through better archery gear and impeccable technique. If you’ve started exploring different accessories that can enhance your shooting, browse our archery equipment list for the top pieces we recommend to help you improve your aim, speed, and consistency.

1. Sights

Sights are a piece of archery gear that are meant to help you aim and focus every time you draw back your bow. There are a number of sights available including multi and single pin sights that go on your bow as well as complementary peep sights that go directly on your string.

When it comes to multi-pin sights, a typical setup allows you to use a pin for each different yardage. Generally, it’s 10 yards per pin. A single-pin sight can be more accurate, as it allows the archer dial to hold at the exact yardage they want to hit.

While pin sights are easy to place, your peep sight may take a little more experimentation. A good way to determine if it’s in the right spot is to draw your bow and look towards your pin sight. If the peep sight is in the right place, you should barely see it at all.

2. Custom Bow Strings

layed custom archery setup

The main benefits of custom bow strings are the ability to mitigate peep rotation and creep, the reliability of a pre-stretched string, and the confidence that quality archery materials won’t result in over-stretched strings.

At 60X Custom Strings, we carry custom options for nearly every type of bow including:

Find strings in every color and from  every brand when you explore our selection. You can even find ready to ship archery gear that will get to you even faster.

3. Release Aids

Whether you’re a pro archer or a beginner, a release aid could be the key to enhancing your performance. This piece of archery gear can be utilized to ensure more consistent shots and tighter groupings. There are handheld thumb release aids and wrist-strap, trigger-finger aids. The benefits of handheld thumb releases include mitigating target panic, while a wrist-strap release is better for executing quick shots.

4. Dampeners

Bow silencers or dampeners are used to absorb and dissipate the kinetic energy once a bow string is released. By reducing the vibrations through the string and the bow, it silences the sound your string makes. Some people attribute this piece of archery gear to keeping their bows in better shape for longer, while others have experienced relief from chronic injuries (like tendonitis) when the bow no longer jumps or jerks in their hand.

There are also some dampeners that have an auxiliary use as speed nocks to increase the speed of your arrow once released.

5. Wrist Sling

Another performance enhancer on our archery equipment list is the wrist sling. Since you must have a relaxed grip on your bow for more accurate shooting, a wrist sling allows nervous archers to hold their bow more gently without the fear of drops or falls after the release of an arrow. A consistent loose grip will ensure your aim is much more accurate.

Improve Your Performance

Now that you know which archery materials can help you most, try them out the next time you hit the range to experience the difference for yourself!