Archery Gifts for Him or Her: The Best Equipment to Buy For Your Archer This Holiday

Archery Gifts for Him or Her: The Best Equipment to Buy For Your Archer This Holiday

Sep 20th 2022

Holidays are always tough to prepare for, especially when deciding what to purchase for your favorite archery enthusiast. Gifts for archery lovers are investments and are typically items that will go to good use and last a while. In this article, I’m going to try and take away the stress and guessing work out of buying archery gifts for him or her.

There are a few categories for these gifts, such as target shooter, bow hunter, and recreational/new archer. There are endless options, so how do you know what they want or need? I like to keep a mental note or even write notes on my phone when my archer friends mention things to do with archery throughout the year. There are also go-to gifts that any archer would love to receive. One thing I’d recommend keeping in mind is that the brand matters for a few of these items. Make sure to ask your archer what brands they use, and if you aren’t sure, gift cards are a great option.


Bow hunters are typically pretty brand loyal so make sure to check their brand preferences for each item. Ladies who are shopping for that special guy in your life, be sure to check in on their preferred brands to get the best archery gifts for him.

Camo is probably on the higher end as far as price point, but these are items that will last for years to come. Base layers are in the same category and are a great investment; I recommend wool base layers, especially in colder climates. Hand warmers are good stocking stuffers. My favorites are the Hot Hands super warmers. Another higher price point item is a scent locker—it’s an ozone locker that helps eliminate odor from hunting clothing. Broadheads are a little tricky to buy so make sure you have the correct thread size and the weight of the broadhead. I also recommend a good knife for gutting or skinning an animal, like an outdoor edge that has a replaceable blade.

Strings are often overlooked on gift lists for archery lovers but are a necessary piece of equipment for success. Here at 60X, we offer a wide variety of color options for whatever bow your archer has.

Target Shooters

Target shooters have a litany of products they use, and there are tons of other items that I won’t list, so talk to your archer about what they want or need.

Arrows can be a big investment, especially for the advanced archer. You can order arrows pre-fletched and cut, but my recommendation is to get the original shafts if your archer has the ability to make arrows themselves. Fletchings go along with that same theme. There are fletchings, vanes, and feathers so be aware of what your archer uses. To go along with the vanes and feathers, fletching glue is a must.

Ordering a new set of strings and cables or a string for a recurve shooter will help them improve in performance, especially if it’s been a while since they’ve changed strings. Another option would be stabilizers and stabilizer weights. Stabilizers have a wide range of pricing, depending on the brand and quality of carbon. Weights for stabilizers are somewhat universal but keep in mind the thread size for the stabilizers that your archer has. A new quiver is something that most archers would like to find under the tree. You can find a few companies and small business owners that make custom quivers to have a unique piece of equipment.

Hats and clothing from your archers’ favorite manufacturers will help them show their pride in everyday life and on the range. We offer some shirts and hats here at 60X as archery gifts for him or her, if they’d like to represent us on the range.


If you have a child who may have some interest in archery, getting them a starter bow is a life-changing investment.

Some bows I recommend for compound beginners are a Hoyt Kobalt, Elite Ember, and a Genesis bow. All of these bows are a good starting point and can grow with a younger archer. For recurve options, I suggest Arc Rolan Club R-Flex Recurve and Cartel Triple bows. I recommend the Genesis bow for any new archer no matter the age of the archer. The Genesis bow can be adjusted from 10-20# but the draw length can be from 15-30” so anyone can shoot it. I also started with the Genesis bow and then transitioned to recurve afterward, but it can also be a great starter for an aspiring compound shooter.

Arrows are a bit more affordable in this category, so they make for good gifts for archery lovers this holiday season. Targets are necessary for archery and are surprisingly affordable. For the recreational shooter, targets and arrows would be a welcomed archery gift for him or her.

Make sure to check in with your archer to see when they last changed out their strings. If it’s been a while or there is wear/fraying, order some new at 60X Custom Strings.