Beat the Rush

Beat the Rush

Jan 4th 2018

It’s never too early to start getting yourself and your equipment ready for hunting season. A lot of people wait until the last few weeks before archery season to get their bows out and “nock” the dust off (this is not the best idea). In most cases, there are no major repercussions from doing this, besides just being out of practice, but you don’t want to be in the small percentage that has bow or string issues. It is beneficial to have all your bow hunting equipment ready well before the season starts. Especially if you need new bowstrings or something that you just can’t purchase over the counter and bolt on.

Every year we have hundreds of upset customers in the weeks before their hunting season starts complaining that they won’t have time to get their bows ready if we don’t expedite their order. For example, if a custom bowstring and cable package was ordered today, it would be carefully built to your bows specs and shipped out in 2-4 business days. Now fast forward to August or September and that same order is placed, it will still be custom built with the same care, but can take up to 10 business days to ship. That may not seem too long, but add a couple weekends in there and that order won’t make it to your door for over 2 weeks.

“Why” is the big question, “Why is it taking so long to build my string?” The answer is simple, we have 10 times the amount of orders that time of year. If more archery hunters wouldn’t hold off on getting their equipment ready until after the 4th of July then the build time wouldn’t spike. This is not something that we are going to tell our customers when they call, but sometimes the truth hurts. Obviously this is a very common practice, I’ve been guilty of it myself, and it’s the reason that the archery industry as a whole has a busy season. Most archery related businesses generate more revenue from July through September then the rest of the year combined, just to give you an idea of how extreme it is.

There are a thousand excuses that can be made about why we wait until the last minute to get ourselves ready for archery season. The bad part is none of them will make us feel better if we miss the first day due to equipment failure. My suggestion is to go get your bow out now, check it over, making sure all screws are tight in sight, rest, etc, check your string and cables for serving separation or signs of wear, shoot it a few times at ranges you will hunt at, take inventory on your arrows and broadheads, basically just make sure everything is in working order for this fall! If you find anything that you might want or need to replace for this year then now is the time to order it. If all is good and you want to put the bow back in the case until a few weeks before the season, then at least you know that your equipment will be ready. Don’t be a statistic, get yourself ready early and avoid the headache, heartache and long waits of the pre-season rush.