Building Family Bonds with Archery

Building Family Bonds with Archery

Nov 12th 2019

No matter how often you get the chance to bond as a family, archery could be the next activity that gets everyone involved. Whether you want to celebrate a special day or you want to turn this into a regular part of your routine, family archery lessons are a fun choice for any group. Who knows? Your kids may find a deep passion for the sport. If you’re curious about how your family can bond through archery, read on for more information from 60X Custom Strings.

Learn Life Lessons

If you are the type of parent that uses every opportunity you can to teach your children a life lesson, family archery lessons provide plenty of opportunities to learn together. Archery teaches you to keep doing your best, never to give up, and how to take instruction from experts. You can set a good example for your kids by paying attention to the instructor and looking at every obstacle as a chance to learn something new.

Archery lessons also offer you the chance to gain some survivalist experience, by learning about age-old terminology plus how to care for your bow and arrows.

Make More Memories

family practicing archery longbows

Spending time with your family is a truly priceless experience. From the first time you step up to shoot (and maybe miss) to your first bullseye strike, you want to create these memories with people who care about you. Family archery is the perfect opportunity to make mistakes and laugh at each other as you learn. Make every minute count — even if your archery experience is just a one-time thing.

Fun & Friendly Competition

Going out for a day at the range is the perfect place for a little friendly competition. Challenge yourself and your kids to aim better and work harder. Competition in any sport translates well to pushing yourself to succeed in the real world. It also gives parents the opportunity to support their kids and reinforce the pride and affection you feel for each other.

Make bets about who gets to buy ice cream or trade chores with the loser of the competition to really up the ante during a family archery day.

Spending the Day Outside

arrow holder outside

Most archery ranges are outdoors, which means when you sign up for a class you get to spend a day enjoying the beautiful sunshine and fresh air. Maybe combine your archery day with a hike before or a day at the lake after. Spending time outdoors has even been shown to reduce stress and increase endorphins.

Archery with Your Family

If you’re a kid buying a gift for a dad who hunts or you’re a parent who just wants your entire family to spend more time together, signing up for archery is an outstanding idea. Family archery classes don’t mean you need to buy a family archery set. Many ranges offer you free gear with each class you take. Learn more about beginner’s archery when you explore the rest of our blog today! Don’t forget to check out our selection of bow strings for longbows & recurve bows if you want to step into training with your own personal equipment.