Can Custom Bow Strings Make You a Champion?

Can Custom Bow Strings Make You a Champion?

Posted by Todd Lambright on Apr 8th 2019

If you want to be an archery champion, custom bow strings are a must. Custom strings are designed to optimize your bow so you can experience peak performance with every shot. In the competitive archery arena, every tiny detail makes a difference. After all, even the most skilled shooters will falter if their equipment isn’t in top shape.

Eliminate the Break-In Period

Stock strings generally take hundreds of shots to stretch out. Our custom strings, on the other hand, are pre-stretched so they settle significantly faster — usually within just 10 shots. That means you can focus on developing your skills, rather than fussing with your rig. If you want to be a champion, custom bow strings allow you to practice your shooting more effectively.

Stop Peep Rotation

Have you ever noticed that you’re shooting straight and accurate one day and then missing the target completely the next? If your consistency is suffering, it’s probably because your peep is rotating and/or creeping.

Our custom made strings are designed and manufactured with incredible care and precision so the entire string has an equal twist. The result is a more stable, reliable shot from one day to the next. To shoot your best, you have to be able to trust your equipment. Our champion grade custom bow strings play a vital role in keeping your peep aligned properly and permanently.

Get Comfortable with Your Strings

The more you use your bow, the more familiar it feels. Using high-quality custom strings ensures that you can get to know your strings. If you want to be the best of the best, you absolutely have to understand the fine details of how your equipment works and feels.

Because our strings last much longer than stock strings, you have plenty of time to hone in on the intricate details of your strings and your entire rig. After all, if you want to be a champion, custom bow strings are more than just another component on your bow. They’re the heart and soul of your rig — the connection point between your hands and the arrow.

Keep Your Cams Synchronized

Your bow’s timing directly affects how it shoots. As strings stretch and wear, your bow’s timing naturally suffers. Using quality custom strings is the key to keeping your bow in tune so creeping doesn’t get the best of you. After installing your new strings and cables, you can simply set your cams and be done with it. Again, a consistent, reliable bow is crucial for competitive shooters.

Stop String Separation

Our custom bow strings are championship material because they are wrapped incredibly tightly, you don’t have to worry about your strings becoming separated during a competition. Most archers have their preferred go-to bow, and a separating string may force you to rely on a backup during a critical moment. Custom strings let you approach the competition with full confidence in your gear.

Customize the Look

colorful arrows all lined up

While using unique colors and designs won’t affect your performance directly, they do give you a closer connection with your bow. Beyond that, the equipment you use can actually intimidate your opponents.

Archery is very much a mental sport as well as a physical one, and using a decked-out bow is a great way to stand out from the herd and let other shooters know who’s boss. If you want to be a champion, custom bow strings are just one part of the picture. Every detail matters from your bow right down to the shoes you wear.

Shop the Best Custom Strings

Our strings have won over 100 world and 800 national championships and counting for a reason. They’re meticulously designed to surpass the expectations of today’s most skilled shooters. We use the highest quality materials, and our strings consistently deliver the performance and reliability that established pros demand.

If you’re ready to take your competitive archery to the next level, we can help. Contact our in-house experts for advice on selecting the right strings for your next competition. If you don’t see what you need, please visit our  custom strings page or contact us. Shoot like a champion with our custom bow strings.