Mar 9th 2018

As a manufacturer of custom bow strings we are always being asked what the benefits are of a good set of a custom bow string and cables over the factory OEM bow string and cables. There is no denying that the factory bow string and cables on most bows are way better as a whole then they were just a few years ago. We all know that some brands of bows come with better factory bow strings then others.Some are known to have good bow strings while others are known for having subpar bow strings. The problem with factory bow strings is that they are mass produced as fast and cheap as possible. This is the main difference between factory bow strings and a good set of aftermarket custom bow strings. It still amazes me that a company selling a $1400 bow won’t spend an extra $5 to ensure the bow is equipped with a top quality set of bow strings.

The build process and attention to detail used on custom aftermarket bow strings is what makes them a definite upgrade to factory bow strings. Custom bow strings are built one at a time for each specific customer. There is no daily quota or timeline like there are with OEM factory bow string contracts. If you hold a good custom bow string beside a factory bow string you will likely see the difference in the attention to detail. You will notice that the servings on a custom bow string are tighter and neater compared to a factory bow string. Often you will find loose servings that may even have gaps and sloppy transitions at the end loops of the string.

If you’ve ever bought a new bow and had it shooting lights out but find a week or month later that it just isn’t shooting the same then you know what we’re talking about. All of a sudden your peep isn’t lining up or your arrows just don’t seem to have pop that they did when the bow was new.You may notice that the serving on your buss cables is starting to separate. These are all common examples we see of factory bow strings and cables failing. The fact that most bow companies do not offer a warranty on their bow strings should speak for itself. A good set of custom bow strings will eliminate these issues, should there be any issue, there is a bow string warranty in place to protect the consumer.

Our next article will explain the benefits of a set of custom bow strings. Often times it is simply the difference between a true craftsmen who is taking pride in their work compared to a worker in a factory that is just punching the time clock each day. Join our newsletter for more helpful articles and tips.