Dealer or Staff Shooter?

Dealer or Staff Shooter?

Posted by Maggie Slater on Feb 7th 2023

Let 60X help you decide if you should be a dealer or a staff shooter!

At 60X, we have a dealer program and a staff shooter program. Most people fit into one category or the other. In some cases, people fit into both. If you are unsure where you fit, this article will help you to determine which program is the best fit for you. 


At 60X, our dealer program is best for people who purchase $1,500 or more in bowstrings in a dealer year and are buying bowstrings not just for themselves, but other people as well. In exchange for ordering so much each dealer year, these dealers get a discount on their bowstring purchases. The people who fall into this category typically have an archery shop.

Dealer applicants must submit a Business/Tax ID number and a copy of their EIN/Tax ID/Sales Tax License. If you think you fall into the dealer category, you can learn more here and check out our dealer application here.

Staff Shooter

Staff shooters are people who are active within the archery industry and promote 60X. In exchange for promoting 60X at shoots, staff shooters get a discount on their 60X bowstrings. This discount is typically just for the individual and not for other people to use. In order to become a staff shooter, applicants must submit an application. If they are approved, they must then complete a contract and submit supplemental materials.

Staff shooters can choose to promote 60X on social media. If they choose to do so, there are requirements that they must meet each month within particular social media platforms. If they are a staff shooter who is not active on social media, they must submit a list of accomplishments on a quarterly basis.

If you think you fall into the staff shooter category and are interested in applying, check out our application.

Dealer and Staff Shooter

It is possible for you to fit into both the dealer and staff shooter categories at the same time. If you fall into both categories, it’s not necessary for you to participate in both. In fact, at 60X, we recommend that you choose one or the other. If you're unsure which you'd like to apply for, we can help you to make your decision by answering any questions that you may have. You can reach out to us via Live Chat on our website or by giving us a call at 724.525.3972.

No matter the program you choose, using and believing in 60X bowstrings is necessary to participate in either of these programs.