Easy Steps for Recurve Bow Stringing

Easy Steps for Recurve Bow Stringing

Jan 27th 2020

There’s nothing worse than trying to string your bow and failing because you don’t know the proper techniques. There are a few different methods for bow stringing that you could use to set up your bow. At  60X Custom Strings, we’re your experts for all things string. Explore our explanation of the top methods for stringing a bow to learn how to string a recurve bow by hand or with a bow stringer.

1. Bow Stringer

For beginners who want to start stringing their own bow, the bow stringer is the safest method. This is an  extra accessory that’s basically a long string with a leather cuff on one end and a loop on the other.

You place the leather cuff on one end of your bow and the loop on the other end. Once the stringer is attached, you step on it and pull up. As you pull, the bow will curve enough to allow you to slip your bow string into the grooves on the end of your bow.

2. Step Through

With the step through method, you need to have a nock loop that’s big enough to slide down your bow and provide a gap between the string and the bow’s belly. If you’re a right handed person, you start by stepping through the gap with your left foot and resting the bottom tip of your bow on the outside of your right foot. Your handle should be resting in the middle of the back of your thigh.

Now that you’re in the correct position to start bow stringing, follow these steps:

  • Put your palm on the bow’s tip
  • Grab your string just under the string loop
  • Press your lower body back and pull up on your string

As you’re pressing and pulling simultaneously, your string should pop right into the string grooves. You can  unstring the bow in the same way. This method is ideal for longer bows or very subtle recurves. It’s not as easy with traditional recurve bows because the tips are sharper and can be uncomfortable to place on your instep.

3. Push Pull

row of recurves for bow stringingOne of the most common bow stringing methods people use is the push pull method. If you practice often enough, this could be the easiest style of bow stringing. Try stringing your bow like this when you follow these steps:

  • Place one end of your bow on the instep of your right foot
  • Grab the bow at the handle with your right hand
  • Place your left hand with the palm on the bow back
  • Pull with your right hand and push with your left
  • Let your left thumb and forefinger slide the string up the bow’s limb into the grooves

If you aren’t quite strong enough to pull and push the bow at the same time, you can use your right elbow to anchor yourself on your hip for a little more power.

To string a recurve bow this way, place the curved area underneath your foot. Don’t put any weight on it, but keep your foot angled up to lightly hold the bow in place. You don’t want to put the tip against your instep, as it can twist the recurve.

Help from the Experts

If you need any assistance with bow stringing, you can always talk to the shooting range attendant where you practice. Worried that there’s nobody around to help you?  Reach out to our experts for step by step guidance.

Stay tuned for our next blog to learn about stringing compound bows!