Entry-Level Bow Hunting Tips

Entry-Level Bow Hunting Tips

Apr 6th 2021

Even the most basic bow hunting tips can make a huge difference. When it comes down to the moment of your shot, every minor detail matters. From your bow hunting equipment to your tactics, it’s worth it to cover every base possible. Follow these tips to step up your technique so you can harvest more game this season.

1. Scout Sparingly

Scouting the terrain before the season begins can be a great way to get your bearings. However, the key here is that going out too often may cause deer and other animals to steer clear. You want your game to feel comfortable in your territory at all times, so scout sparingly to keep your activity unnoticed.

As far as bow hunting tips go, there’s no right or wrong way to scout the land. Just be aware that going out too frequently may cause your prey to find a new place to hang out. You may want to put up some trail cameras so you can keep tabs on the area without driving off the local wildlife.

2. Pay Attention to the Wind

A dandelion blowing in the windAccurate shots are important for two main reasons. One; you want to take your prey without dealing the animal any unnecessary pain before death. Two; if you miss, you’ll have to stalk your prey all over again, potentially ruining your chances at a successful hunt. Naturally, the flight of your arrows is affected by wind, especially at longer distances. One of the most critical bow hunting tips that often gets overlooked is simply being aware of how the wind is blowing before you take the shot. Patience is key, so wait for the right moment.

3. Mask Your Scent

Some hunters get crazy about scent control, sometimes even going as far as using animal droppings to mask their scent. While that’s not typically necessary, you should still take steps to eliminate any odors that could drive your prey away. Before heading out, wash your clothes with an odorless detergent and your body with an odorless soap. You can also use a scent-killing spray on your clothes and especially your boots.

4. Tweak Your Gear

 airforce man holding bow hunting equipment

One of the most essential bow hunting tips is to make sure that your bow hunting equipment is at maximum performance before embarking on your quest. You don’t want to run into a technical problem while you’re in the wild. Replace any worn parts, especially your bow string. Adjust your bow to your exact preferences. If possible, do some backyard or range shooting before the big hunt to ensure that your bow is shooting its best.

Upgrade Your Bow with a Custom String

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