Mar 9th 2018

Your bow string is a very important part of your archery setup. Obviously without your bow string it would be impossible to shoot arrows from your bow. Keep this in mind and be sure to inspect your bow string every time you shoot your bow. Eventually your bow string and cables will need to be replaced due to normal wear or damage.

Replacing the bow string and cables is part of normal bow maintenance however there are a few things you can do in order to maximize the life of your bow string and cables on your bow so that you can go longer in between replacement periods. Here are some archery tips that will help you to maximize the life of your bow string and keep it in top performing condition.

1. How to Wax your Bow String

As simple as this sounds, this is the single most important step you can do in order to keep your bow string from wearing out too soon. The purpose of Bow String Wax is to put a coating over your bow string to keep it soft, flexible and dry. It also helps to keep your bow string from fraying. It’s a good idea to use Bow String Wax often and to be sure the wax gets fully worked into the strands of the bow string.

2. Cams, Wheels, and Cable Slide Cleaning

If you are a bow hunter or have ever shot an archery tournament in the woods you know at some point there was a stick, branch or leaf caught in your cam. Over time dirt and debris can collect in the cam tracks and work on the servings of your bow string and cables. Be sure to keep these areas clean and free of dirt. The cable slide is another spot that dirt likes to hide and attack your bow string and cables.Always check your cable slide for dirt, old wax buildup and wear. Any of these can cause premature wear on your bow string or cables.

3. Don’t Dry fire your Bow

This may sound like a no brainer but this is the fastest way to destroy your bow string. Dry firing is when the bow is drawn and the bow string is release without an arrow. Many times this will result in a broken bow string along with many other parts of your bow including cams and limbs.This can be very costly, dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Never let anyone draw your bow back without an arrow on it.

4. Use a String Loop

While a string loop has several advantages one that is often overlooked is how much easier it is on your bow string. By using a string loop, more often called a D loop, your release will attach to the loop as opposed to directly to the bow string center serving. Any wear will now be on the string loop which can easily and cheaply be replaced compared to a new bow string. A string loop mainly helps against destroying your serving, which in turn will destroy your bow string. A string loop is a small piece of cord that is tied to the bow string around where the arrow nocks.

5. Use Caution When Storing Your Bow

The most common way to store your compound bow is in a hard bow case. More often than not the case also contains many other archery related items that can damage your bow string. Things like broad heads and allen wrenches can be found bouncing around inside the bow case. Be careful to keep these items in cases that are securely fastened so they cannot bounce around and cut your bow string. One of the biggest mistakes we see are the use of the Velcro straps found in most bow cases. These are often wrapped super tight around the bow string or cables and can really do a lot of harm in a short period of time. When using these be sure to only fasten them to the bow riser or limbs and never around the bow string or cables.

By taking a little extra time and using some caution you can extend the life of your bow string and cables. If you can add these 5 little tips into your routine you can be sure that your bow string and cables will stay in top condition and live a long happy life. Join our newsletter for more helpful articles.