Mar 9th 2018

In order to properly wax your bow, you must properly wax it. This must be done for all types of bows including the four main ones: Compound bows, Crossbows, Traditional Bows, and Long Bows. Waxing the string extends the life of the string by adding an extra layer of protection to help avoid water damage, fraying, drying, and flexibility issues. Applying wax to your bow string is a fairly simple task and once your are familiar with it can be done in only a few minutes. Read on to better understand the steps you must take to wax your bow string.

How to know what you should wax your string

The timing that you should wax your string depends on a plethora of factors. These include humidity, use, cleanliness, etc. There really is no perfect timeline to know when you should wax your string but there is one simple visual queue. If your string looks fuzzy – it needs waxed. You will eventually see that your string has little hair like pieces sticking up from the strands of the string- when this occurs it is time to replace the string immediately. Without further ado: how to wax your string…

Step 1

Use a clear dry cloth or soft brush to make sure your string is free of any dirt or debris.

Step 2

Apply wax to the entire bowstring. Most string wax comes in a stick like deodorant. Just rub the stick up and down the string to apply wax.

Step 3

Rub the bow wax into the string with your finger and thumb. You want to pinch the string with a decently strong grip and quickly rub up and down the string. The friction created from rubbing the string will cause the wax to melt and ensure every crevice is filled with wax. Note: DO NOT APPLY WAX TO THE SERVING.

Step 4

Wipe away any extra was that was build up on the string using a dry cloth. Be sure to check the entirety of the string as well as the arrow serving points.

You have just successfully waxed your bow string. This should be done on a fairly regularly basis especially if your bow is getting a lot of regular use.