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May 10th 2024

New Mexico, with its vast and varied landscapes, is home to a unique and exhilarating hunting experience—chasing the majestic ibex. Bow hunting ibex certainly isn’t the most common practice—it’s a bucket list trip for many hunters—but exploring new terrains and expanding your hunting skills by stalking unfamiliar prey is incredibly rewarding in a myriad of ways.

What Are Ibex?

An ibex in the desert

Ibex are wild goats that are typically found in mountainous regions throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa. They can be identified by their long, curved horns. 

Imported and introduced to the rugged desert mountains of New Mexico in the 1970s, these sure-footed creatures have flourished, creating a thrilling opportunity for hunters seeking both challenge and awe in the heart of the American Southwest.

An Exploration of Nature

An ibex resting on a rocky mountain

Ibex hunting in New Mexico is not just about pursuing a trophy; it's an adventure deeply intertwined with the land's rugged beauty. The primary hunting grounds lie in the Florida Mountains near Deming, where the rocky crags and steep canyons create the ideal habitat for these elusive creatures.

Ibex hunting is more than just a physical challenge; it's an opportunity to connect with nature and experience the beauty of New Mexico's wilderness. It's about the quiet moments of observation, the anticipation as you track your prey, and the deep respect for the land and its inhabitants.

A Test of Skill

The thrill of ibex hunting in New Mexico is rooted in its challenges. The terrain is unforgiving, demanding a hunter's physical prowess and strategic planning. The ibex, with its keen eyesight and adept navigation of rocky landscapes, is a worthy adversary. Pursuing them involves traversing high elevations and negotiating steep slopes, making every step a testament to the adventurer's skill and determination.

State Rule and Regulations

The seasons for bow hunting ibex are carefully regulated by the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish to ensure conservation and sustainability. The fall brings archery and rifle seasons, each providing a unique set of challenges and rewards. Hunters are selected through a lottery system, adding an element of anticipation and fairness to the pursuit.

Critical Equipment for the Trip

A bow hunter standing in a mountain pasture

Essential gear for ibex hunting in New Mexico includes high-quality optics to spot the creatures from a distance, sturdy boots for navigating rocky terrain, and appropriate clothing for the ever-changing desert climate. A GPS device or navigation tools become invaluable as hunters navigate the complex topography, and the choice between a high-powered rifle and a well-tuned bow adds a personal touch to the adventure.

If you plan to hunt with a bow, mind the details. Every component needs to be carefully tuned and replaced or upgraded if necessary. Custom bow strings can give your bow a performance boost and prevent breakage while you’re in the wild, and it never hurts to have spare bow strings and cables on hand when ibex hunting in New Mexico, as well as archery tools for making adjustments on the fly. Check our bow string guide for more information.

A Hunting Experience Unlike Any Other

An ibex on a sunny mountain

In conclusion, bow hunting ibex is a journey into the heart of adventure. It's a harmonious blend of challenge and appreciation for the untamed beauty of the Southwest. As hunters tread the rocky paths of the Florida Mountains, they become part of a tradition that respects the land, cherishes the majesty of the ibex, and leaves an indelible mark on the rich tapestry of New Mexico's wild heritage.

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