Meet Mrs. 60X

Meet Mrs. 60X

Aug 9th 2021

If you ask what his greatest archery achievement is, 60X Custom Strings founder and owner, Brad Patsy, won’t hesitate to tell you that it’s his wife, Dawn.

Fondly nicknamed, Mrs. 60X or Mrs. Chief, Dawn is left-handed but shoots right. She can thank Brad for this, as he didn’t know she was left-handed when he bought her first bow. As she does with everything, she worked hard, and learned to shoot right. (Pro tip, guys, before you buy your gal a bow, make sure you know if she’s right or left handed!)

Dawn majored in aeronautical engineering and minored in advertising at the Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics. She worked for a local newspaper for 8 years before she came on board the 60X boat – the boat she now keeps afloat. The efficiency of the website and the photos on it are to her credit. As a side note, her kids say that Randy is her favorite employee ever and Braidon is her second favorite.

Together, she and Brad obtained custody of her niece, Ciara, and they have a son, Peyton. Her proudest moment is when they obtained custody of Ciara and her greatest accomplishments are her kids. In high school she played basketball, softball, and volleyball and has instilled her love of sports in her children. She loves raising ballers and her favorite sports to watch are Peyton playing baseball and Ciara playing softball. She is the PTO president and soccer boosters treasurer. She loves to garden and craft and makes time to use her Cricut on various projects and design tumblers. She wishes she had more time to scrapbook.

Dawn started archery shooting at 16, but before that was Brad’s bow caddy. When Brad bought her a bow and realized her talent, he told her that he would make her good. She quickly jumped from B Class, to A Class, to AA Class and she didn’t lose a competition in the state of Pa for 3.5 years. She won many competitions and broke many records at the state, sectional, and regional levels. Together, she and Brad won husband and wife championships.

During Dawn’s competition tenure, she had brain surgery, which caused her to miss 1.5 years of shooting. Once recovered, she got right back into it and placed at her first post-surgery tournament. While 8 months pregnant she was still shooting. She says the coolest thing about competing in archery tournaments is the people you meet, but if you ask Brad, he says she used to say, “I shoot to kick people’s a$$e$.” Her favorite archery moment of all time is when she beat Brad & shot a clean 600. The target hung on their kitchen wall for a long time.

“Go big or go home” are Dawn’s words to live by and her advice for someone just getting started in archery is, “Do it right.” Dawn enjoys cars and working on them. She appreciates efficiency and doesn’t like things being done wrong. Her favorite tournament venue is Vegas and her current equipment choices are:

  • PSE Phenom SD
  • Xtreme Stabilizers
  • Stan Release
  • 60X Custom Strings
  • Carbon Express Arrows
  • Specialty Scope
  • Trophy Taker Rest
  • CBE Sight

This is the first in a series dedicated to the employees of 60X.

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