Jan 5th 2018

You have researched, saved money and anxiously awaited the arrival of your new bow. It gets fitted, tuned and sighted in perfectly at the archery shop. What you may not have anticipated is New Bow String Stretch, you’re getting ready to take it out hunting for the first time and the peep turns sideways. Get that fixed and you lose poundage, then your point of impact changes. This quickly leads to confidence draining frustration, and keeps you out of the woods.

So what happened and how do we fix and/or avoid it? More than likely you are experiencing new bow string stretch and your bow string/cables have stretched. It’s not uncommon on new bows to see stretching or creeping. The issues that bow string stretch brings oftentimes will extend beyond the normal peep and point of impact problems. Your draw length, draw weight, holding weight, cam synchronization and tune can change and you never know when it will happen. Some bow strings will move right out of the box, others will take several hundred shots. Serving slippage is due to several different process flaws, one of which is bow string stretch. And it will lead to premature wear and shortened overall life of the bow strings.

Even as bow string materials and manufacturing processes have evolved over the years, they still need to be assembled and processed correctly. Short cuts in manufacturing and not paying attention to detail could still cause problems. This is where the custom bowstring market comes in play.

Custom manufactured bow strings and cables are pre-stretched, served tightly and offer a variety of colors! Oftentimes they have great warranties and are so stable that there is no peep rotation! As long as they are installed correctly and taken care of, your custom bow strings will last a long time and provide you with confidence that your point of impact will not change.

The custom bow string market has also evolved over the years. The companies with the best reputations haven’t rested at “good enough”. They work with the materials manufactures and study new materials. They constantly make improvement on their own process, and work with dealers to inspect new bows and their requirements. All bows are different and even bows from the same company will require little things done to the bowstring to make it perfect for your bow. Certain servings and tensions are required on different bows, and a good bow string maker will identify these requirements and not settle with just a “cookie cutter” build. A good manufacturer won’t just pre-stretch and get it out the door, it will be fully stretched to keep it from moving on your bow somewhere down the line. Stable peep sights, bow strings/cables and tight servings are products of the companies who stay committed to providing you with the best possible bow string for your bow. The team of builders here at 60X Custom Strings, believe that high quality is what every bow hunter deserves!