The 3 Best Target Bows in 2021 | 60X Custom Strings

The 3 Best Target Bows in 2021 | 60X Custom Strings

May 27th 2021

While most in-person archery trade shows are postponed this year thanks to the coronavirus, that doesn’t mean bow makers are on hold! The biggest names in bows are still innovating and introducing their latest and greatest models, competing to be the best bow for target shooting.

Customization is the name of the game in 2021. Whether you need a short draw, long draw, or a lighter bow, there are options available for you. Check out our comprehensive guide to the best target bows in 2021.

Mathews Archery Atlas

This bow was built for long-draw hunters. It boasts a draw length of up to 34 inches and can shoot at speeds of up to 350 feet per second (fps). The Atlas has a 7 ¾-inch brace height with a new Enhanced Harmonic Stabilizer (EHS). The EHS has been tuned to the specific harmonics of the bow to minimize post-shot vibration and cancel out noise.

If you’re familiar with Mathews Archery, the draw weight and finish of the Atlas options mirror their V3 line. Plus, when you upgrade your bow with custom Mathews bow strings, you enhance your accuracy, making this one of the best target bows for 2021. Our strings come pre-stretched so your peep sight stays put and your cams stay synchronized.

Hoyt Archery Eclipse

three arrows in small vertical outdoor archery targets

Hoyt is another big name in archery, creating some of the best bows for target shooting. Their Eclipse model is ideal for female bowhunters shooting in 2021. It weighs just under 4 pounds and sports a 6 ¾-inch brace height. This model also has the Eclipse Cam, which is optimized for shorter draw lengths that many women require. Available draw lengths include 23.5–25.5 and 26–28.

The cams also fire at exactly the same time, boosting accuracy and consistency. Users report the draw is silky smooth, and draw weights range from 20 to 60 pounds. Enjoy one of the best target bows in 2021 when you choose custom Hoyt bow strings to finish your compound bow.

Bowtech Archery Carbon Zion

If you favor carbon bows, rejoice — Bowtech has introduced the Carbon Zion in 2021. Weighing a scant 3.3 pounds, it’s the lightest carbon bow ever created. That means if you’re a backcountry hunter or simply travel with your bow a lot, it will be easier than ever to carry your bow.

This bow sports adjustable synchronized Binary Cams so tuning it is effortless. Choose between Comfort or Performance settings to always get a precise shot, making this one of the best bows for target shooting. Bowtech also spent time redesigning the fit and feel of their bow. The 6.625-inch brace height and 335 fps ensure this lands squarely in the list of best target bows for 2021.

Don’t forget the custom Bowtech bow strings! Why waste the precision of such a finely tuned bow on stock strings? Boost your accuracy and ensure your servings won’t separate with a set of custom pre-stretched strings.

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