Tips for Choosing the Best String for Longbows and Recurves

Tips for Choosing the Best String for Longbows and Recurves

Apr 8th 2022

Choosing the best string for a recurve bow or longbow is important no matter whether you’re a beginner or an expert. From choosing the right brand to the materials and colors, finding the perfect string will be a mix of personal preference and your needs. Here’s some tips to help you choose the right string!


One of the first things you need to do when you’re choosing the best string for your recurve bow or longbow is to know the length your bow needs. This is something specific to your bow. The bow type, draw length, bow weight, type of arrow, limb size, and shooting technique will all have to be taken into consideration when picking the right length. 

Once you have your correct draw length, it’s time to pick the best string for recurve bow for your bow type and weight. The proper string will have a rating that matches that of an original manufacturer’s string or one with similar characteristics. Check out our archery strings page for more information on choosing the right strings for your bow.

How To Measure A Bow String?

The best way to measure strings for recurve bows and longbows is to place it on ¼” pegs with 100 lbs of tension. We have a blog with more information about measuring a traditional bow string, and you can also check out this video.

Measuring your strings can be tricky. If you have any doubts, please contact us so we can help. 

Strand Count

Strand count affects the arrow's performance. A lower strand count will create a more flexible arrow that can be shot from a shorter distance with a lighter draw weight. If you are shooting from a long distance and need a heavier draw weight, a lower strand count may be better.

Shooting arrows with a higher strand count than necessary will cost you accuracy and power. Shooting arrows with a lower strand count than necessary can be unsafe and will cause the arrow to vibrate, potentially resulting in an inaccurate shot. Strand counts range from 10-30, so it is important to know what kind of shooting you are doing so you can purchase the right kind of arrow.

Choosing Colors

Choosing the right color for the best string for recurve bow is not only about personal preference. It's also about what type of archer you are. If you are hunting, then you probably aren’t looking for neon-bright colors. If you are shooting for fun, then any color will do. 

There are some bows that offer their own specialized colors of the best longbow string for this purpose. These bows are designed specifically for hunting purposes and they may come with camouflage strings already installed. If not, then try one of the colors above or something similar. 


When you are choosing a bow string, make sure to choose the right one for your bow. A compound bow string is not going to work for a recurve, for example. As long as you make sure you choose the best string for your recurve bow or longbow, you’ll be one step closer to mastering your bow