Tips & Tricks: Bow Hunting in the Rain

Tips & Tricks: Bow Hunting in the Rain

Feb 4th 2022

When it comes to bow hunting, the ideal conditions are not wet and rainy. But sometimes, hunting in the rain is unavoidable and can actually be beneficial. Be prepared and know how to use your archery skills to your advantage. Our team of expert archers has decades of experience in the woods and on the course, so we know a thing or two about bow hunting in the rain. Check out these tips and tricks on how to be safe while also using the dreary weather to your advantage.

First Things First:

As always, safety should be your number one priority. For most experienced archers, a little precipitation is a non-issue, but bow hunting in the rain does require a bit more focus and attention to your surroundings.

Check the weather before you go to make sure you’re truly dealing with rain and not a thunderstorm, and be sure to carry rain gear with you while you’re in the woods. A waterproof hat, boots, and camo rain poncho will make performing archery in the rain easier and help preserve the integrity of your hunting gear.

The Advantages:

While it may not feel ideal when you forget your wet weather gear and you’re sitting in a tree, the combination of rain and deer huntingcan bring some perfect opportunities. Rain is incredibly common during the fall when bow hunting season begins, so unless you’re only a fair-weather hunter, you should know how to use the wet weather to your advantage.

Concealing Your Scent

When the rain is pouring, it helps conceal your scent. Deer have incredibly sharp noses that can pick up a whiff of anything: deodorant, cologne, and even your natural body odor. If you’re looking to keep deer off your scent, bow hunting in the rain will do that. Something else to consider: the rain will also diminish the scent of any doe estrus. Overall when you’re doing archery in the rain, you may not need to rely on anything that changes or hides your or your gear’s scent.

Deer are Up and Moving

When it’s raining, chances are the weather is cooler. And what do deer do when it’s cold? They move! This is an obvious and major pro when it comes to rain and deer hunting. Many hunters believe rain can actually cause deer to move around more than they would on a sunny day, especially if there is a break in the rain and the deer are trying to take advantage of that.

What to Watch For:

There are some nuances when it comes to bow hunting in the rain. While the rain may do some good, it can also make the hunt a bit more difficult.

Slippery When Wet

When you’re doing archery in the rain, things will be a bit more slippery. Leaves, treestands, ladders, and even your bow will all be impacted by the rain. So, be sure to test your surroundings and carry a rag or microfiber towel to dry any equipment you need to.

Tracking Will Be More Difficult

If you do end up hitting a deer, you’re going to need to track it. Tracking is difficult enough, but in the rain, you really need to be sharp and on your game. Because the rain will wash away blood and hair, be sure to have a powerful flashlight and immediately track which way the deer runs off after you hit it.

Bow hunting in the rain is not as daunting as some may make it seem. You just need the proper tools and a durable bow with good strings that can hold up in wet weather. Shop 60X Custom Strings today for custom strings and archery equipment you can trust!