Mar 9th 2018

We sat down with Todd Lambright on 12/15/2016 to discuss his recent win at the 2016 Midwest Open Archery Tournament. Here is the full interview:

How long have you been shooting?

Since I was 11. I started shooting then to prepare to hunt once I turned 12.

When did you get the idea to shoot competitively?

Same year, when I was 11.

When did you start seeing success as a competitive archer?

I won some bowhunter leagues early on but I didn’t start shooting target archery seriously until 2006. In 2007 I won the Stanislavsky open (Editor’s note: Same as the Old Atlantic city classic – now Dakota classic) – That was in the flights class.

What are some of your notable accomplishments in archery?

Probably the PA state championship. I’ve won it the last 5 years. 2012 was a highlight for me because I shot a 1200 with 112X’s over two days. That’s the best score that’s ever been shot there (Editor’s note: That’s the best score that will ever be shot there)

What goes through your head towards the end of the round?

I try to not think about anything. I just think about making shots. If you start thinking about OMG I might be able to win, you lost it. If you think about anything else other than shooting the arrow into the center of the target at that point in the competition, you are going to miss.

Do you ever get anxiety about shooting?

I got nervous in Las Vegas in 2011. I was winning the flights class going into the last round and I shot a 9. The pulse in my hand was making the scope jump on the target. I’ve never forgiven myself for that and I’ll never miss the last arrow again. I would rather not shoot that last arrow than miss my last arrow.

You recently took a break from competitive archery, why did you choose the Midwest Open to come back?

I haven’t shot since May due to an elbow injury. It was reoccurring from a couple years ago. I didn’t even touch a bow until hunting season and I started practicing for this competition around three weeks ago. I put in around 8 hours of practice and felt that I was ready for the Midwest Open. I didn’t want to over do it.

In general how many hours do you practice per week?

It depends on what else I have going on. I practice between zero and three days per week. I really don’t have a set schedule.

Whenever I first started shooting seriously around 2005-2007 I worked in an archery shop and easily shot at least 2 hours per day. It’s kind of like learning how to ride a bike. Once you learn how to do it, the only thing you lose over time is stamina. If you don’t continue to practice the only thing that changes is your ability to hold the bow steady during the later shooting rounds.

Do you enter tournaments like this with the expectation that you will win?

If I shoot well I expect to be competitive.

What bow and setup did you use at the Midwest Open?

  1. 2006 Mathews Prestige 56lbs 27 7/8 on the draw
  2. Black eagle magnums
  3. 4in Bohning impulse vanes with a hard left helical
  4. Xtreme Stabilization 30in front bar with 1oz
  5. 12 in back bar with 10oz
  6. Small Zenith Three Finger
  7. Old sight with six power scope
  8. 60X BCY-X Bowstring: Flo Yellow and Flo Green with a black pin-stripe

Todd lambright bow specs- 2016 midwest open