Mar 9th 2018

There are three main types of bow string forms that have been used to fit bows. The three types of strings are described as simple, reverse-twisted, or looped. All modern bow strings—and all of the strings sold by 60X—are looped bow strings. This article is meant to describe all string forms. If you have questions about strings for your bow, please contact 60X Custom Strings.


Simple bow strings can be made of any type of fiber material. These types of strings are created by twisting fibers into a single long piece of cord. This is a very primitive string but it is still used in many parts of the world where custom string companies, like 60X Custom Strings, are not accessible. These strings are often only good for a few shots from a bow and don’t perform nearly as well as modern types of bow strings.


a reverse twisted type of string

Examples of reverse-twisted strings are the Japanese bow string and the traditional Flemish string. This type of bow string was originally developed in Europe and North America and is still used for many modern applications. Reverse-twisted strings are made by twisting two bundles of strings in opposing directions then twisting the entire group of strings in the same direction. These strings are an upgrade from simple strings as they are much stronger for their weight and can be drawn to a higher tension.

They differ from looped strings in that the body of the string is wrapped around the nocks at the end of the bow. This is an advantage since the ends of the bow is the point of direct contact and usually sees the greatest amount of wear. For this reason, reverse-twisted bow strings generally last for many more shots than traditional simple strings.


a looped type of bow string

Looped strings are the type of bow strings that all modern compound bows use. They are made of one or more loops of material. The strings made at 60X are actually one single continuous loop of material with additional material such as serving added in the areas that the strings come in contact with the bow or arrow.

Looped strings are superior to all other string types. They have a higher tensile strength than all other string types and last much longer when used correctly. It is important to take care of your looped bow strings in order to get the maximum lifetime out of them. This includes regularly inspecting and waxing your bow strings.

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